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What is wear it?

showing off one's status in the organization by dressing the part. "Wearing it" usually involves an Italian suit, a pinky ring, a hankie in the breast pocket, gold cufflinks, and other ornamentation. Silvio has his own inimitable way of wearing it.

Wearing it, il douche!!!...

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wear it - video

Wear it - what is it?

Pretty much the money shot, after some one has finished on another, hence, Fuck You.

"Dude I just banged your mom, wear it."

"I just got an A on my exam, wear it."

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What does "wear it" mean?

refer to the clothing attire a person is wearing.

A dawg I'm bout I got to hit the mall to grab some new wears.

A run me by the house first I got to switch up wears.

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Wear it - what does it mean?

Getting absolutely owned, equivalent to getting a load busted onto your face.

The phrase and definition were derived from the idea of "wearing" a load of semen to the face. The phrase also carries over into everyday use referring to hang overs or other displays of general weakness.

I busted on Charlie's mom, she was wearing it.
Charlie's mom is always wearing it (her pearl necklace(s).
I heard once Charlie made his mom wear it.
Getting puked on.
The female "soreness waddle"
Taking a load to the face.
Passing out on the toilet.
Not being able to do the last pull up.

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Wear it - meaning

Irish slang for kissing someone.

(1) "I got the wear last night!"

(2) "So...Did you get the wear last night?!"

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Wear it - definition

To "wear it" is is to be publicly humiliated and do nothing about it.

I can't believe I let him call me a fag.
Yeah, he made you wear it, you didn't even say anything afterwards.

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Wear it - slang

If someones being a gimp, you can say they are " Wearing " This refers to them wearing a gimp mask, therefore being a gimp.

Boy 1: What the hell, why is that guy trying to steal a car?
Boy 2: Cause he's Wearing
Boy 1: oooooh.

Boy 1: Fuckin, i just battered some bloke.
Boy 2: Fuck sake, your wearing!

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Wear it

Feeling like shit or being hung over.

"Your're wearing it"
"You're such a wear"
"I just wore it in math class"

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Wear it

expression said to someone when they fall or do something stupid to make them feel worthless

scenario: The quarterback tries to make a pass but trips over his feet instead. The other team would then say, "wear it, biatch!"

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Wear it

1. The phrase "wear it" originated with a meaning relating to humiliation. If someone did something humiliating or was humiliated in some way, they were "wearing it" or could be told to "wear it."
2. The phrase progressed to have a meaning related to drinking. A person is "wearing it" when they are either very drunk or hung over.

1. "Wear it Fuerst!"

2. "Last night, B Fuerst was wearing it, but you were wearing it a lot more."

"After drinking last night, I had to go to a meeting at 8 AM. I was wearing it until noon."

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