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What is way too?

1. A vehicle with more power, features, and style than a potential buyer would know how to properly utilize.

2. A person of the desired sex that is unattainable due to differences in social status, looks, intelligence, or other attributes. (i.e. "Out of your league.")

"Check out the hottie over there!"

"Woah there, boy, that's way too much car for you."

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Way too - what is it?

what you say when you're going to do something in a second anyway

no, that's way too much work

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What does "way too" mean?

Somethign i get a lot of lately, usually contains one of my imaging teacher's projects

see my picture

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Way too - what does it mean?

My god... where to begin... everything is just too much work, everything, anything and everything you think of is too much work, reading this right now is too much work, writing this is just..... too much work.

*thinks* well saying anything is just way too much work and well... even thinking is just too much work... lets kill ourselves.

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Way too

a person or situation packed with too much drama for your taste

I finally broke up with Jason, and now he's calling me non-stop and showing up at my house crying. This shit is way too much Hollywood for me.

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Way too

When someone lags on texting.

Damn she is way too cool for me now.

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Way too

to be totally stoked

wayy to stoked for that tropicana orange juice!!

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Way too

used to describe a situation, person, action, item, or thought that is beyond genius and beyond the caliber of a normal person and is extremely pleasurable in nature. also abbreviated as WTN

That mercedes that Sergio is driving is way too nice. Sergio is on the WTN game

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Way too

A less vulgar way to put 'What the fuck'(WTF)... You know what you are supposed to react to whatever seems to be a little bit carried away, or beyond you, even fucked up, but the normal WTF might be inappropriate in some occasions... Therefore, 'Way Too Fantastic' not only shows your astoundment(what the fuck...), but also your courtesy(It's just so fucking awesome!) to that shit.

My imbecile boss: Hey,servant! check it out! My new hoody with an ape pissing on its mouth printed on the top~
Shitstaking me : Way Too Fantastic(WTF),boss...just your style.

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Way too

A phrase originating from Welland, Ontario, Canada. The phrase means to do/be something to a great extent.

Man, I'm way too high

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