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What is way to?

A phrase of gratitude when someone comes through for you.

You: Hey, did you finish those TPS reports.
Someone: Yes Sir, they're on your desk.
You: Way to Fire.

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Way to - what is it?

Way to hate is derived from "player hater".

it's used to describe the action of player hating all though not specific to players

guy 1: hey want to go hang out later.
guy 2: hell no bitch!
guy 1: Way to hate.

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What does "way to" mean?

Hitting a $48,000 deal, as coined by Dave T.

"I know this one didn't come easy but hard work & persistence pays off. Way to Raphael."

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Way to - what does it mean?

The opposite of saying "Way to go," it basically means, "Wow, you failed."

Dude A: Oh dang! I almost beat the 150cc Special Cup, but then some noob CPU blue shelled me in the face right before the finish line!
Dude B: Way to blow.

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Way to

Way to go means very good or yeah

way to go


good for you

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Way to

Telling someone they're awesome.

Way to glow, man, that's awesome.

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Way to

Used sarcastically to mean "Good job."

way to go

Joe: I pinned my foot to the floor with this nail gun.
Jim: Way to be!

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Way to

you're doing great (usually an exclamation of praise or encouragement)

Way to go, You just made everyone's day.

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Way to

Congratulations- good job!

Neiman you strutted your ass like crazy on that dancefloor tonight, no shit you were the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen. Way to go man!

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Way to

Used in the 1960's, short for "way to go".

I yelled "way to" when Harry charged past defense for a slam dunk.

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