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What is wander?

The over-pimp. A dude that looks almost like a girl, wears sandals, and will bring a bitch back from the dead.

A sexy beast in a girly-boy sort of way, and yet doesn't possess any of the girly actions, emo dialogue, or any desire to cook his food, use the bathroom, drink water, or have seemingly any present sex drive.

The man that was narrating the lyrics in Rob Zombie's Superbeast.

Dormin: "The price you pay may be heavy indeed..."
Wander: "That doesn't matter."

All that for a dead bitch!? Wander's so fucking hardcore. He'd better get pussy after this.

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Wander - what is it?

1. n.- Someone who is friends with people from every social clique at school and does not belong to a certain clique. Not a wannabe

2. n.- Someone who is searching for a group of people to fit in to at school.

EX 1: Kaley is a wanderer. She hangs out with the popular kids, the normal kids, the emo kids, the dork kids--everyone. I'm serious!

EX 2: Brian is such a wanderer! He needs to make some friends!!

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What does "wander" mean?

Experiences of delight and pleasure that result from fulfilling strong desires to travel

β€œJohnny never feels more wanderful than when he’s in the middle of a long-planned road trip to a new destination.”

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Wander - what does it mean?

When not smashed, but baked to some extent you have the incredble urge to go wandering and steal candy from 7-11 for your munchdown and walk for a long discussing topics of our modern world.

ben: I snagged a couple creme eggs and a mars, you? *laughs*
mike: *snorts/giggles* a creme egg!

ben: haha egg!

mike: omands creek is only 3 miles away, let's make like hobos and go wandering there!

ben: yeah!! *snorts* hobos!

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Wander - meaning

A saying by TTPG board member wander that uses incorrect grammar and sentence structure a statement that only makes sense to wander. A statement or sentence that is funny because of how retarded it sounds.

Wanderism "I will tell you what the problem.
I don't know where you come from but can you explain to me what you put in and explain it really well.

I have other things to do then to think below your belt.
Thereβ€˜s a lot in the mess itself.

You were self defense"

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Wander - definition

adjective to describe a person who randomly roams, wanders, meanders, rambles, stumbles, or strays in a fulltime mode. Can also be used to describe the mind.

Useful in decribing one with attention deficit tendencies.

Abra's wanderful personality has resulted in a number of missed appointments and delayed completion of the tasks at hand.

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Wander - slang

walking around aimlessly, trying not to appear mentally ill, pretending to be boss, but actually you hate life and feel stuck. you go places randomly for whatever reason to feel better about yourself.

friend: "where you going?"
me: "gonna go wandering around town"
friend: "ok man, try not to look like a creep"

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A person who travels aimlessly; a travler

He is a longtime seaman, a rootless wanderer

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Imagine this senario:
You assertively walk into another room, you are focused, you have a purpose. People stop and stare because they can see you are not taking silver; small animals scurry with fervour away from your approaching footsteps; the clock ticks one last time....
You enter the room, you have reached your destination, the treasure is almost within your grasp; you can almost taste it, you want it oh so bad.
But then...
You have absolutely no idea what you were looking for or why you got off of your hot arse in the first place.

You retrace your steps; try ever so hard to remember what you were even doing, and just keep drawing blanks.
You have just experienced 'The Wanders'

Sandy: What are you looking for Bella?
Bella: Huh?
Sandy: Fair enough
Bella: Sorry boganface, just got the wanders
Sandy: It happens; maybe if you smoke a few Jades you will remember what the fuck you were looking for
Bella: Nah, i got it now; have you seen my lilac dolphin dildo?
Sandy: Ummm... yeah, Im keeping it warm for you
Bella: You are a sick fuck Sandy; definately time for treasure now

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Main Entry: wanΒ·der
Pronunciation: 'wΓ€n-d&r
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): wanΒ·dered; wanΒ·derΒ·ing /-d(&ring/
Etymology: Middle English wandren, from Old English wandrian; akin to Middle High German wandern to wander, Old English windan to wind, twist
intransitive verb
1 a : to move about without a fixed course, aim, or goal b : to go idly about : RAMBLE
2 : to follow a winding course : MEANDER
3 a : to go astray (as from a course)
4 : usually used by fucking fags named Tyler who have Vaginas

"I'll let my mind wander about who gets to stick it in my vagina today"

"My mind is wandering sexual thoughts of a girl named Candice, to bad she doesn't date guy's with vaginas"

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