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What is waist?

When a stripper uses a scarf or similar garment to conceal the after effects of giving birth in an effort to garner larger financial gains.

Here, hun, before you go on stage you gonna want a waist scarf if you don't want scare the guys away with that botched caesarian.

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Waist - what is it?

euphemism for dieting / wordplay on 'waste management'

If you plan on getting into that old tux of yours, you'd first better get into some waist management.

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What does "waist" mean?

Large of waist

Look at that waisted dude at KFC. Guess he should lay off the chicken nuggets.

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Waist - what does it mean?

procrastinating to a large extent. Often before exams and such.

Dude, I gotta stop waisting and start hitting the books.

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Waist - meaning

It's like being "wasted" but wayyyyyyyy more "waisted"

John: "bro we were so wasted last night "
Dave: "you think that's bad, I'm still waisted"

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Waist - definition

Misspelling of wasteful by your A.P. Government teacher when they are helping other students and trying to prepare for another class.

Teacher: Don't look at my spelling mistake
Student: Is it waistful?
Teacher: Yes it is waistful.

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Waist - slang

Exclamation made at the sight of someone wearing a very large pair of pants.

Timmy: β€œMommy! Mommy! Look how big that man’s pants are!”
Mommy: β€œOh my! Such a waist! Now stop stairing before you get ill Dear...”
Timmy: β€œYes’m”

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The waist is the part of the abdomen between the rib cage and hips.

The ideal waist for a woman is 24 inches.

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(Insult, Offensive)

1. A person who is only good at womanising.
2. A male prostitute.
3. A Playa has-been.

A combination of two words: Waste and Waiste.
"Waste" being what the person is.
"Waist" being the only functioning body part the person has.

Colin is a real waiste.
The fair scot in room 4 is a real waiste.

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The part of the womans body which lies between the pussy and the breasts. Commonly called that because it is a waste of space and if it weren't there, then there'd just be tits and ass!

Noun - "I tell you man, if the waist weren't there we wouldn't have ta look after so much, and Vegas would be so much closer to Disneyland!"

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