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What is vibing?

to like, relate or agree with someone's ideas, philosophies or behaviour

1.'i is vibin yo pilosophies'
2. jilly: 'yo homeslice, wanna grab us some eats and head ova to mine's for a joint?
sophie: 'yea bruv. i be vibing yo brainchild!'
jilly: 'word'

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Vibing - what is it?

Feeling something. Like you would say "feelin' myself", except with an inanimate object.

Like you would say, "I'm feeling this song!", you could say, "I'm vibing with this music!"

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What does "vibing" mean?

(1) The zone you enter or feeling you get when the alcohol starts kicking in. When you have the confidence to walk with a bounce but maintain ability to do so. The point where your 'dance' and 'game' levels reach equilibrium. And you can have fun while maintaining your swag. Beyond tipsy but before drunk.

(2) It may also refer to a couple flirting or a bond/connection between them. Or when a man is making successful moves on a lady.

(1) "I was vibing when I walked into the club" "let's get vibing"

(2) "John and Jane were vibing" "I'm vibing with her"

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Vibing - what does it mean?

To be in a relationship/ friendship with someone. It's basically two people who both claim to be just friends yet flirt continuously with one another and are in a constant state of denial about the fact that they are dating. Although this is not a "relationship" as they claim all the basic relationship rules still apply

Guy: Dude, you and Kylie are couple goals af
Dude: Nah bra we aint no couple we're just vibing.

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When two individuals who are interested in one another and are in the process of starting a romantic relationship.

Amy and I are just vibing.

How are you and Amy doing?
We just vibing hey...

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Radiating a distinct emotional aura that others can detect.

I'm vibing dumb fool, with a strong emphasis on "dumb."

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A frog vibing

That frog really be vibing

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1. hanging, doing nothing, chilling
2. listening to music.

we just vibing in the basement

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A mood common among middle class teenagers, vibing is when you kick back, listen to some tunes (mainly slower rap and alt, but vaporwave, lo-fi, and others are becoming popular) and just relax. Some people vibe while stoned, some don't.

"Jesus, it's been 3 fucking hours, what the fuck is jessica doing?"
"Man, she's stoned af and vibing to some music. Let her be"

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When one is lit af, but instead of choosing to be super hype they just relax and vibe off the energy.

Kobe was going crazy at that party, but Eric was just vibing.

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