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What is vibin?

When an individual is contemplating his life whilst also remembering old memories. The individual must also be listening to bearfoot's "broke (n)" on soundcloud in order for it to count as vibin'.

Human 1: Yo, did you see that guy just standing still with headphones in for hours?!
Human 2: Yeah john he was Vibin'

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Vibin - what is it?

1. hanging, doing nothing, chilling
2. listening to music.

we just vibin' in the basement.

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What does "vibin" mean?

The act of searching for a gay lover.

Steven was vibin last night

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Vibin - what does it mean?

Just connecting with your surroundings - either it be music, reading, watching tv. - your vibin

I'm vibin to this book right now.

I'm vibin -

Vibin to the music.

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Vibin - meaning

The general state of enjoying or feeling good about a situation, person, place, or thing. The euphoric buzz you have at that time about something. Can be used to describe interest in a member of the opposite sex and like wise how they are feeling towards you. It can also be used to decribe various levels of intoxication/pleasure from drinking/sex.

"I'm really vibin' that girl in the black dress."

"Hey Jon, you vibin'?"

"I am vibin' from those drinks."

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Vibin - definition

Feeling kool or relax, or too feel something deep

I'm really vibin right now to this music.

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Vibin - slang

Vibin is the act of not stressing at all just embracing the relaxation of the air and chill surroundings. This word is usually used by stoner teens who doing nothing but sit awkwardly while looking into the sky.

Some dude: Hey Josh, how come you didn’t come to Jessica’s Party last week?

Josh: Sorry bro I was too busy Vibin.

Some dude: My bad, didn’t know you were vibin. I’m going to do a Vibe Check when I get home

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receiving a vibration on your cell phone as in a text message, voicemail, or call; i.e, blowing up

Let me check my phone, I'm vibin

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when a male and a female are talkin and your talking and having fun together not neccicarly flirting

me and this girl have been vibin latelty

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1. hanging, doing nothing, chilling
2. listening to music.

we just vibin in the basement.

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