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What is vacuum cleaner?

A sexual act almost equivalent to the oral sex act "the blowjob", except for the fact that the person performing the fellatio make a sucking noise, such as a vacuum cleaner would make. Sounds include: "Shhlck", "Slllllluuuuuuupp" , etc.

Fred: Yo man, Daphne and I had the best sex last night!

Shaggy: Like, did she give you a blowjob man?

Fred: Dude, she gave me a freaking reverse vacuum cleaner!

Shaggy: Zoinks! That's like, totally awesome man!

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vacuum cleaner - video

Vacuum cleaner - what is it?

Man who wants to inspect your tits.

Hello, I'm the vacuum cleaner man. I'm here to inspect your, uh, your tits.

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What does "vacuum cleaner" mean?

A sexual prostitute whom doesn’t even have to audition to become a stripper because she’s already got everybody’s attention. She makes more pleasured noises during sex than any other prostitute. Vacuum Cleaner is really one hot girl but don’t get on her bad side; Vacuum Cleaner is a wild prostitution who’ll womp over you with her Stilettos then proceed to suck your nose off.

Guy 1- oh dude no way is that Vacuum Cleaner?
Guy 2- yeah!
Girl 1- I’m gonna go break Vacuum Cleaner’s vacuum sucker wand.
Girl 2- oh no bitch dong do it. *wiseper voice* no ncahe she’ll suck you’re new nose off”
Girl 1- oh

Girl 1- oh ok

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Vacuum cleaner - what does it mean?

A person who sucks blows and gets rolled in the closet

Joe's girl is a real vacuum cleaner

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Vacuum cleaner - meaning

aren't you tired of your girl squirting all over your bedroom well you should use a vacuum cleaner! When she says "I'm cumming, I'm Cumming" you grap your handy vacuum cleaner and place it onto the vaginal region, she then proceeds to squirt into the safety of your vacuum cleaner!!! No pain and no stain!

Pedro's gf would not stop squirting all over his casa, he bought the handy Mandy vacuum cleaner and no pain no stain!!!

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Vacuum cleaner - definition

A female expert in fellatio who possesses a mouth stronger than both a vacuum cleaner and an octopus' suckers put together.

Time for some spring cleaning', I said, as I lay back and turned on the vacuum cleaner

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Vacuum cleaner - slang

A sexual act in when the man is penetrating the woman from behind while the women is on all fours on a carpet and the man chops out the womens arms so her face is being driven into the carpet during thrusting, thus simulating the motion of a vacuum cleaner.

This bitch started to make annoying sounds during sex, so i used the vacuum cleaner method to shut that clucking ho bag up.

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Vacuum cleaner

An appliance or apparatus that sucks current particles of dirt specks or dust. Vacuum cleaners have a tube that can also suck couch filth.

OMG a vacuum cleaner.

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Vacuum cleaner

a sexual position in which the man mounts the woman in adoggy style position. Then suddenly pull her arms out from under her and drags her face across the carpet.

I was bangin this broad doggy style when she said some other guys name so I switched from a doggy to a vacuum cleaner.

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Vacuum cleaner

The only thing that sucks more than Twilight.

vacuum cleaner

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