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What is unreliable?

Describes someone who randomly speaks the truth on occasions when he'd been expected/instructed to fib.

Fletcher Reede became an unrelieable lawyer after his son made a wish that he would quit bending the truth for 24 hours.

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Unreliable - what is it?

The embodiment of faith.

Oh, you have faith do you?

The next time you feel compelled to use the word 'faith', why don't you try replacing it with: 'pretending to know something that I really don't know''.
If you really want to keep it simple you could just say: 'I have unreliable, untestable truth'.

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What does "unreliable" mean?

A person who at first has a lot of friends and then ditches them for her his girlfriend then ditches his girlfriend for his friends then ditches his friends for his girlfriend and so-on. In the end he cant figure out what to do. Also doesn't get past "first base".

Chuck: Yo. Paul is such an Unreliable Bassist!
Ricky: Yeah he is always with his girlfriend Cindy!
Chuck: He never chills with us anymore!

Nick: Hey, Paul! You never chill with your girlfriend! whats up with that?
Paul: Well I felt like i ditched you guys so i want to chill with you guys again!
Nick: But now your ditching with your girlfriend!!

Paul: Wow, your right! I have to chill with her!
Nick: Choose who you want to hang out with! Your being such an Unreliable Bassist!

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Unreliable - what does it mean?

Unreliable Source is a common tag used by Wikipedia. Wikipedia is (or intended to be) a open source encyclopedia.

In theory, the tag "Unreliable source" is used when an article or part of a article cite or talk about some questionable content.

But, in a real world scenario, "Unreliable source" is used as a form to piss off contributors. Even by using logic, if a statement is correct but some editor consider to screw it, then it can claim that the statement is incorrect.

Writer-"The roses are red"
Editor -I put a unreliable source tag because the statement does not cite any source claiming it.
Writer-But i put not only a source but 3 sources.
Editor -Sorry about that but *im* still consider unreliable.

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Unreliable - meaning

Not able to be counted on; Not performing expected duties.'s definiton of pippie is very unreliable, as each one of the six definitons gives a different meaning for the word.

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Unreliable - definition

undependable, irresponsible, untrustworthy

James : Andy has bailed again he is now on punishment
Nick : You know baldy he is unreliable

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