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What is unrealistic?


The Unrealistic Dreamer is a random series of unplanned and awkward mistakes crashing together to compose something both beautiful and heartbreaking. He or she is a fierce protector, fast and strong, intellectual and scientific, romantic and lonely, all at once. He or she is, contrary to first impression, very realistic and clear-thinking, and sees past the smokescreen that is 'life' to see the levers and pulleys that run the machine, thus enabling them to conquer the major trials of modern life fairly easily, although the small things such as being social do not come as easily. an Unrealistic Dreamer is an enigma to be analyzed, a precious treasure to be discovered, hiding in plain sight, merged unconventionally with his or her surroundings.

Unrealistic Dreamer - a person that resembles a mix between an escapist, a poet, a genius, and a schizophrenic.

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Unrealistic - what is it?

not realistic : inappropriate to reality or fact

Me: okay Siri, name me something that is unrealistic
Siri: matt and annie’s Relationship

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What does "unrealistic" mean?

events that are too epic for reality; dealing with ideas or matters in a way that is not realistic; impractical or visionary

'Are you even real lionel?'

'That night was unreal.'

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