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What is unhappy?

the lack of drink specials during the hours of 4-8 pm on weekdays at a bar

Yo let's go to Brass Rail for drinks after work.
Are you kidding? They have an unhappy hour - the beers are $8 each

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Unhappy - what is it?

The state of being an unhappy camper.

There was a general feel of unhappy camperness around the office.

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What does "unhappy" mean?

The chief product of McXerox, available at any of their many pit lane drive-thru franchises. A poisoned box of sour grapes and misery. The staple diet of McXerox employees, their lackies and losers.

You sour-faced loser, what have you been eating, unhappy meals?

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Unhappy - what does it mean?

usually an individual within an organization who is dissatisfied or frustrated

After telling his staff they needed to work all weekend, the boss came into the meeting face a number of unhappy campers.

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Unhappy - meaning

working hours, all the time you spend at work, for instance between 8am and 4 pm etc.

James: How 'bout a beer tomorrow? At "Johnny's" they have happy hours between 4 and 5 pm.
Chris: Sure thing, bro. But first, I'll have to go through my unhappy hours at "Johnson and Sons".

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Unhappy - definition

The tuft of hair directly above the asscrack. It is the opposite of the happy trail.

When David went to prison all the anal rapists laughed at the tramp stamp that said "oops" that they could read through his especially harry unhappy trail.

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Unhappy - slang

Describes almost every fuckin day in pauls life since 9/1/2003! with no end in site

If you tried to stick it in your girls but, while having some grass around your pole, she would be unhappy

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A quick, unannounced, discomforting movement of the bowels.

Good thing I was close to the bathroom, because some unhappiness appeared, and I had to drop a hairy deuce.

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If you are unhappy you are sad about something

She is UNHAPPY because she failed the exam.

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when you do not feel the little joys in life, and not having those makes you #sad. it is caused by being alone, or by to much stress.

I have been a very unhappy person

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