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What is udder?

Uddering is a sexual position/act involving 2 partners. It occurs when a male is naked on all fours and the other partner masterbates him into a bucket which is directly under him. The partner then drinks the ejaculation from the bucket.

Friend: So what did you and John get up to last night?
Girl: Oh we tried Uddering. It didn't taste very nice...

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Udder - what is it?

cow nipples

I sucked that milk right out of her udders.

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What does "udder" mean?

Another term for a woman's breasts.

That broad's got shitty udders.

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Udder - what does it mean?

A large set of breasts found on a female. They can also be found on men who eat to much.

Look at that hot chick she's got a prize set of udders.

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The act of juvenile masterbation using a downward pointed closed hand while palming the head of the penis.

His hand finally cramped up while uddering for the 3rd time that afternoon.

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Word used to describe a female blessed with naturally large breasts.

When I woke up, she was wandering round the bedroom topless looking for clothes. I noticed she was quite udderous, and henceforth proceeded to lay one out on the bedsheets at once.

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A slang term for a human female with enormous natural breasts, bigger than tits, boobs or melons. So named because without a bra they hang to the girl's chest. Most common on lactating MILFs, however some younger women with macromastia/gigantomastia can also sport a pair of these. The easy way to tell is push them up when the girl is laying down - if they comfortably fit under her chin or can cover her face then you've got a pair of udders on your hands.

Melanie's udders were so huge that when she laid down in bed and pushed them up she was in danger of suffocating.

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a huge flabby..thing

rebekah and vanessa have udders!

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Cow boobs. In the musical RENT, Maureen dreams about drinking milk directly from Elsie the cow's udder.

Elsie: Still thirsty?
Maureen: Parched.
Elsie: Have some milk.
Maureen: So, I lowered myself beneath her swollen udder and sucked the sweetest milk I had ever tasted.

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The huge mammary glands of a cow. On four legged cows udders have four teats. On two legged cows udders have two teats (or in the case of the two-legged variety the teats are more often called nipples).

The farmer felt kind of embarrassed the first time he touched the cow's udder to get milk, but as soon as he got used to it, he would go so far as to pull his baby daughter off the udder to get some of his own.

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