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What is two cocks?

An ex-Navy seaman who developed a reputation for being able to fit two fellow seamen's male appendages in his rectum during man-on-man gay encounters.

"I was on shore leave and came across Tom Tom Take Two-Cock. "
"Tom Tom Take Two-Cock was better than I'd have expected."
"That T4C last night was awesome!"

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Two cocks - what is it?

A flaming homosexual that munches on cock.

Zac efron is a two-headed cock muncher.

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What does "two cocks" mean?

modern day application of: "The lesser of two evils"

Child: "I can't decide what to do, mom. Should I lie to my new friend and tell her she looks good even though she doesn't? Or should I come straight out and tell her she looks god awful?"

Mom: "You know son, Two cocks in the mouth is better than three in the ass."

Child: "You're right! Thanks mommy!"

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Two cocks - what does it mean?

A phrase said after crushing an opponent or accomplishing a great feat. Often accompanied by a slowed motion indicating masturbation with parallel cocks.

First used by Soul Caliber IV enthusiast Max Basch of Hampshire College, and henceforth popularized by other gamers of the 5-College Consortium.

"I Have Two Cocks"

Gamer 1: FUCK!
Gamer 2: ZOMG! He just beat you with your best character! ROFLROFLROFL
Gamer 3: I have two coooocks

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Two cocks - meaning

A synonym for one's mouth.

Wife: I think we should go to the store.

Husband: I think you should shut your two cock garage.

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Two cocks - definition

A highschool nickname referring to a homosexual. The reason it is "two-cock" is because it is referring to their own, and one in their ass. This nickname is only given to close friends, as calling a normal homosexual "Two-cock" would be deeply offensive and should absolutely not be practiced.

"What's good, two-cock?"
"Just finishing up some paragraphs for tomorrow. How about you speckle neck?"

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Two cocks - slang

someone who is particularly stupid or dense.

He must be a right "two cocks" because you don't get that stupid sat at home playing with just one!

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