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What is twitterpated?

to be in love like lovebirds. like tweety and his girlfriend. your sickly sweetness annoys everyone around you.

gosh, those two are so twitterpated, they might as well go out already.

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Twitterpated - what is it?

in love with someone. to have it bad for another person.

I'm twitterpated with James!

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What does "twitterpated" mean?

To be in absolute aww over something improtant such as a girl. Head over heels in love with that one person and loveing every single moment of it. or to care greatly for one person that you perhapes like.

the girl is so twitterpated when the boy suprised her with flowers.

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Twitterpated - what does it mean?

a woman so horny she is wet to below her knees

Every time the dark haired attendant smiled at her she was instantly twitterpated.
She couldn't drink tequila because she knew it would make her horny, and if she had 2 she would become twitterpated.

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Twitterpated - meaning

Complete and immediate infatuation with someone or something that occurs in the onset of Spring; giddy excitement rooted in the physical.

After meeting a potential romantic partner, the overwhelming physical desire and excitement to see them again. sprung

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Twitterpated - definition

the way you feel when you really like someone but you just dont know how to explain how you feel.

Im so twitterpated with my new bf.

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Twitterpated - slang

The electrified feeling one gets when the woman of their dreams (or man) has finally become real and has stepped into their life from said dreams. Also the overwhelming sensation of feeling completeness and joyful bliss beyond all other emotions, similiar to smitten.

Christopher is absolutely Twitterpated with his angelic love,Nichole and wants to marry her one day.

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1. the happy jumpy feeling you get that causes you to smile uncontrolably.
2. the way birds and other animals act during mating season (as seen in Bambi)

1. Vianne gets twitterpated when Marcos touches her cheak.
2. "The birds gettin all twitterpated," said the owl. (Disney's Bambi really is a good movie.)

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An enjoyable disorder characterized by feelings of excitement, anticipation, high hopes, recent memories of interludes, giddiness, and physical overstimulation which occur simultaneously when experiencing a new love. These feelings take over without warning, usually at odd times (such as at a check-out line), with or without the partner present, and make it difficult to concentrate on anything but romance. They interfere with work and safe driving, but should be experienced at least once in every person's lifetime.

Lisa is too twitterpated to even get a good night's sleep ever since she met David.

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1)to be completely enamored with someone/something.
2) the flighty exciting feeling you get when you think about/see the object of your affection.
3) romantically excited (i.e.: aroused)
4) the ever increasing acceleration of heartbeat and body temperature as a result of being engulfed amidst the exhilaration and joy of being/having a romantic entity in someone's life.

When he smiled at her, the rush of warm, fuzzy, excited sensations that filled her made her realize she was completely twitterpated with this man.

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