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What is turntness?

Smoking or Smoked. Process of either being or getting stoned/high.

Man, tha' nigga got turnt at tha' party'n crashed on teh fuckin' couch.

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Turntness - what is it?

Short for "Turned up"

Feeling so swag and crunk (NOT DRUNK)

Man I'm hella turnt rn

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What does "turntness" mean?

To get hyped, to get excited for something.

Hey man are you gonna be turnt for your date on Friday?

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Turntness - what does it mean?

Another way of saying "fucked up." To be drunk or high or any other impairing decision that could be made at any given time. Associated with getting "turnt up," and "turn up!"

Dude, I wanna get turnt this Friday.

I am so turnt.

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Turntness - meaning

The most wonderful feeling in the world. Saught after by the biggest bousses and ballas, it can only be achieved when all 5 senses are stimulated to their fullest extent. The links between these senses cause the human brain to experience supernatural side effects, thus creating, the only way to reach maximum swag.

Inspired By: All The Way Turnt Up - Soulja Boy

Guy 1 - dude that party was so turnt
Guy 2 - i know eh, ive never been so turnt in my life.

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Turntness - definition

horny, drunk, f*cked up!! Crunk!!

Damn, I am all turnt on! or I am getting Turnt to night at the club!

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Turntness - slang

interchangeable with the term F*cked up. Means: under the influence of alcohol, wasted, gone, when some one is really fcking drunk but still partying their face off, a word to express just how drunk you were at that awesome rager last night. Can sometimes mean very drunk and high at the same time whilst at a party. Sometimes people say "turnt up", means the same thing.

Ken: "I'm about to get turnt tonight!"
Rob: "F*ck yeah lets get turnt up!"

Mary: "I was so turnt last night at that party, this morning I woke up in a hobos lap at the zoo!"

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Like hype for a party, or at the club!

"Bra, this party about to be turnt!!!"

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Turnt is a variation of "turned" used only to describe when someone is excessively excited or prepared for the current event. In it's entirety, it can commonly be seen used as "turnt up," as in "turned up."

A real Debbie Downer, party pooper, or lame-o, would be someone who is turnt down. They simply are neutral in their stature, and unfit for the current event. Alcohol and or/ drugs would be suitable aid to turning them up.

"David just downed 7 Jager bombs and is fucking that girl from downstairs while wearing your rollerblades, dude! He got so turnt!"

Not to be used in such a manner as this:
"Captain! I have turnt the wheel right of the indigenous islands. These are not the lands you're looking for."

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a word to describe one's level of uncontrollable activities.

We have to jump into the college life with turntness during rush week.

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