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What is trumpets?

The most amazing intrument ever.

God: I play the trumpet.

Chuck Norris: No kidding? You too?

Ryan Seacrest: I play the clarinet...

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Trumpets - what is it?

An instrument created to appease the gods; a music device that takes a month to learn and a lifetime to master.

The solemn tone of the trumpet caused even the most apathetic audience member to shed a tear.

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What does "trumpets" mean?

Trumpet (deriving from the english words "trump" and "pet") is used to describe the supporters and fans of 2016 Presidental Candidate Donald J. Trump.

The fact that the supporters themselves often sound like actual untuned trumpets when they scream "USA, USA, USA", is just a coincidental bonus.

Donald had to cancel a rally-event amid fears of clashes between demonstrators and trumpets.

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Trumpets - what does it mean?

A marching half-time show where the songs revolve around d the trumpet section. Other times in a show it well be where the lead trumpet has a solo in at least two of the songs.

The phantom of the opera has a lot of trumpetism, I (the lead trumpet) have four solos.

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Trumpets - meaning

(verb): to bellow, rant, vehemently whine, or otherwise blow out metaphorical hot air. To demand attention, throw a tantrum or have a fit. To fill a space with as much shrill noise & self-righteousness as possible. To lie, loudly & "bigly." To pander to the gullible & rile up the immoral & willfully ignorant. To distract, manipulate & play your supporters like a musical instrument with your tiny, tiny hands.

"Dude... It's 3:00 a.m. & your weird theatre major roommate won't shut up about how his ex stole the his youth & the best years of his life, & how there's some vast conspiracy preventing his success & disallowing anyone to recognize his otherwise obvious genius. Evidently he thinks the world revolves around him?"

"I know, I'm sorry man. Just ignore him, he's Trumpeting, again."

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Trumpets - definition

a fan, voter, or paid actor that supports Donald Trump for the 2016 presidential election

"Heads are spinning, media heads are spinning. ... What they’re doing is wailing, 'well, Trump and his, uh, uh, uh, Trumpeters, they’re not conservative enough.' ... Right wingin’, bitter clingin’, proud clingers of our guns, our god, and our religions, and our Constitution. ... Isn’t Trump known for being able to command, fire! Are you ready for a commander-in-chief, you ready for a commander-in-chief who will let our warriors do their job and go kick ISIS ass?" - Sarah Palin

"Heads are spinning. They're saying Trump and his, uh, Trumpeters are right wingin', bitter clingin', proud clingers of our guns. But he can kick ISIS ass because he commands fire!" - Tina Fey

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Trumpets - slang

A person who thinks Trump's presidency gives him/her the right to act like an asshole in public

Last night at the bar there were a bunch of Trumpeters making me really uncomfortable... and I used to really like that bar, damnit

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An individual or organization that pushes the agenda of the idiocracy known as Trump.

What they, the trumpeters are doing is actually discrediting anything the trump team is saying.

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A Trumpeteer is someone who uses a TrumpetBox Aura to create a unique offline experience that aides in the effective promotion of businesses, products, persons, groups, goods, information, and services to people directly on their WiFi enabled mobile devices while on the go.

Bill told the graphic designer to include his Trumpeteer info on his business card, so that others can locate him on his TrumpetBox.

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Trumpets or toots his or hers own horn. Says it like it is. Defines his or hers own space. Is not afraid to speak out. Is not afraid to speak freely about their own beliefs or political agenda

Toots or trumpets his own horn!

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