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What is treat her right?

a term used to describe acts of a sexual nature, something good, or an attractive female.

The term treats used to reference these things was invented by a young group of sexy boys from the south yorkshire area in england.

1- "did she give you treats?!" "treats for (insert name)"
2- "oh this burger is a treat!"
3- "that MILF was a treat" "shes the treatiest girl ive ever seen"

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Treat her right - what is it?

To insult someone badly

"Damn She treated yo ass!"

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What does "treat her right" mean?

When someone burns you. Makes an awesome comeback

In fourth grade
1st guy: ur ugly
2nd guy: I know you are but what am I?
3rd guy: Ohhhh you just got treated!
1st guy: *cries*

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Treat her right - what does it mean?

What's said when somone just got insulted. Usually said by someone who had nothing to do with the situation.

Anne: You suck, Sarah.
Sarah: Why?
Greg: OOO Sarah just got treated!
Sarah: Shut it Greg.
Richard: OOO Greg just got treated!
Anne: What's going on?

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Treat her right

What Geoff Grogan is all about.

Coco looked up from the VIP area to the dancefloor and noticed that his friend Geoff was treating himself.

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Treat her right

when somebody dis you and you be fellin stupid.

"You just got treated!!!!"

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Treat her right

Made to look stupid or foolish, shown up, roasted, burned

You just got treated!

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Treat her right

To be put down or embarassed by someone. Put in your placed or "schooled."

You've been treated!

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Treat her right

Show her the time. Have intercourse with her.

All I want is just to Treat Her Right.

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Treat her right

To treat a female with genuine respect and kindness so that she will eventually want to fuck you.

Tyler: "Dude Natalie is so hot, but her boyfriend is such an asshole."
Russell: "Yeah I know dude. If I was her boyfriend, I would treat her right."

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