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What is track?

an area where drugs are delt

look at those young hopper, there real track stars

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Track - what is it?

A track is a piece of synthetic or human hair usually glued or sewn into the the scalp or a braid of natural hair.

She was mortified when her blonde track slipped right in the middle of the date.

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What does "track" mean?

An eighth of an ounce of weed. Probably derived from "8-track" tapes. 1/8 = Track

Can you hook me up with a track?

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Track - what does it mean?

One eighth of an ounce of mary J, or 3.5 grams. Street price varies from $20-50 depending on how good it is

A: yo i need a track a nug
B: lemme get fitty dollars then

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Track - meaning

A song or a beat with or without vocals.

"Got a crib with a studio and it's all full of tracks/ to add to the wall full of plaques..." - Dr Dre
"Damn nigga, this track blazin'"
"Scott Storch done laced dis track yo"
"bs doggy, you's a straight up hater, Storch ain't done nothin' wrong lacin' tracks for Paris Hilton he be gettin' the cream on the real B"

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Track - definition

"Track" in the context of music simply means a song. A reference to the track on a compact disc. "Track" could also refer to an individual instrument track in the song.

The new track from Neptunes uses the exact same snare and kick drum samples as they've been using on their last 10 tracks.

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Track - slang

there are like 20 definitions describing running but thats not slang. the track is what you put your hoes on and hustle work on. its your routine you walk or drive in your hood and hustle

i brokemy new hoe and put her on my track

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the eighth wonder of the world...whoever came up with track, you are amazing.

To JJSupah whoever you are: screw you, you'd probably pass out after one of our practices

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An extremely competitive sport that is a combination of running and field events. Obese people who wouldn't be able to last a day in it usually talk crap about people in track, because they are jealous.

JJSupah tried running the 100 meter dash, but fainted at the starting line and wouldn't move until he had McDonalds delivered to him.

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A sport involving lots of running at a fast pace. The hardest working athletes are usually on track. Although they get little glory they know why they do it... Fo' the LADIES

The hottest girls in the school were the long distance runners on the track team

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