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What is toys?

Misspelling of "to" immortalized by American professional StarCraft player Greg "IdrA" Fields in a bad mannered denunciation of an opponent to whom he had just lost a game.

you're really good at making carriers
very useful talent toi have

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Toys - what is it?

A graffiti artists term for a novice. More experienced graffiti artists will often write "toy" next to the tag or graf of the novice.

That fuckin' toy threw up some shitty tag over my graf.

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What does "toys" mean?

celebrity crush.

look at Zac Efron!! he’s my toy toy

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Toys - what does it mean?

When a group of people, sometimes even hundreds or thousands, do a combination of singing, dancing and chanting to express unhappiness about something. In the southern part of africa, when the people are unhappy about something, usually something regarding the government, a group of people feeling strongly about the cause will organize a toi toi and take to the street. It usually gets alot of media attention. Most commonly performed by black people although in recent years white and coloured people have started joining in. A toi toi is often used as part as a protest

The people were unhappy with their salaries, so they refused to go to work and had a toi toi in front of the union building

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Expression of good luck for classical singers.

Saying "toi toi" to a singer is the equivalent of saying "break a leg" to an actor.

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hypodermic syringe used for intravenous drug injection.

before we get off,I'll need to get my toys

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Tired of your shit

Here, play with some toys because I'm t.o.y.s.

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a slang word for drugs taken at raves usually ecstasy (MDMA)
Or other uppers in pill form. other names for these drugs which originate from toys include "beanie babys"and 'alex the loin". these terms are more comonly used at british 16+ raves. whereas ameriacan ravers use the term "blits".

"oi, bruv u got any toys?"

"na homie but ive got blits!" (american accent)

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The use of dildos or vibrators for sexual pleasure.

Tiara used toys on herself

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Tired of your shit

Andy Zhao I'm so TOYS.

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