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What is touch screen?

When the screen on your phone starts freaking out.

Touch screen disease is what Faith has on her phone. phone is actually possessed by evil spirits. I recommended that she drown the phone in her pool.

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touch screen - video

Touch screen - what is it?

When someone has been using a tablet, ipad, and or any other sort of touch-screen, they get so used to using one and having a screen respond to their touch, they will go to any computer trying to touch it, and then usually spend a minute or two trying to find out why its "broken".

Guy#1: Dude, can i see your computer?
Guy#2: Yeah sure, just dont break it.
Guy#1: Hey, whats wrong with your screen? Did it break?
Guy#2: What are you going on about? its perfectly fine!
Guy#1: It won't respond to my touch! it must be broken.
Guy#2: Its not broken you helpless git, it isn't a touch- screen!
Guy#1: Oh! That explains it....
Guy#2: Dude! You must have touch-screen syndrome!

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What does "touch screen" mean?

Touchscreen is an input device which emulates mouse. Instead of using a mouse we can directly touch the monitor with our finger/stylus, and at the position of the touch a mouse click is generated. Touchscreen has three main parts: Touchscreen Sensor, Controller and Driver Software.

Touchscreens are used in PDA, ATM, Information Kiosks, etc.

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