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What is top 10?

10 rappers that are absolutely unlistenable. Rappers with CDs that shouldn't even be used as frisbees. Can't flow, can barely rhyme, prone to repeat themselves in bars and get rich by pretending to be rich. Or even worse the MCs that just choose slow beats and babble to themselves about nonsense. God knows there are at least a thousand more that deserve to be on this list, so I've tried to pick out the absolute worst. In no particular order:

Project Pat
Silk the Shocker
Master P
Mike Jones
Dem Franchise Boys (take your pick)
Jermaine Dupree
Young Jeezy

Those are the top 10 worst rappers. I know your favorite rapper is probably on there which just makes you a lame. Tell you what. Get your favorite rapper to challenge my favorite rapper to a freestyle battle or a battle on wax and see what happens.

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top 10 - video

Top 10 - what is it?

Rappers who have no flow or dont rap about anything important. The Top 10 Worst Rappers are all bad at everything rap stands for except yung joc and 50 cent who i put on the list cus they are still really really bad but have brief instances when they do alright.

In no particular order here are the Top 10 worst rappers

Dem Franchise Boys
Mike Jones
Yung Joc
Pretty Ricky
50 Cent (After he got shot, hes early stuff is alright)
Lil Rob
Lil Jon (Good producer but have you heard his verses in Rollcall? comeon)
Project Pat

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What does "top 10" mean?

1. D4L(all of them) 2. Dem Franchize Boyz(all of them) 3.Gorilla Black(not Biggie) 4.Shaquille O'Neal 5. Birdman 6. Ray Cash 7. B.G. 8. Young Turk 9. Bizzare 10. Biz Markie

Note:there are a lot of lame ass rappers so some might not have been mentioned, but these guys will easily be forgotten as MC's.

These are definitely The Top 10 Worst Rappers.

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Top 10 - what does it mean?

10. Wishbone
9. Young Joc
8. Bow Wow
7. Mike Jones
6. Das Efx
5. Pras
4. Diddy
3. Birdman
2. Vanilla Ice
1. Soulja boy tell em'(also worst name eva)

The top 10 worst rappers... eva..eva, eva, eva....... eva.

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Top 10 - meaning

#10: Negative
#9: Nevada
#8: Nissan
#7: Number
#6: Nine
#5: No
#4: Nick
#3: Nigeria
#2: Noob
#1: Nice
Honorable Mention: Nigga

Me: Hey Joe, what are the top 10 n-words?
Joe: (lists them)

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Top 10 - definition

Honourable mention: Nigga

What are the top 10 n words?

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Top 10 - slang

A phrase that is uttered whenever someone is betrayed by another, usually in a lighthearted way.

Nick: Hey what's up, you gonna drink that soda?
Dick: No, you can have it.

*Nick reaches for soda*
Dick: NOPE (chugs drink)
*Nick staggers back and faints*
Rick: Top 10 anime betrayals lmfao

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Top 10

A species of videos on YouTube, they are increasing at an alarming rate and can vary from top 5 to top 500. Although the most common is top 10. Some channels post 5 a day.

How the fuck does watch mojo do so many top 10 lists in one day, it's ridiculous

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Top 10

10. Chump
9. Chumpette
8. Yours
7. Up
6. Pimpmobile
5. Bite
4. My
3. Shiny
2. Daffodil
1. Ass

If you say the A-word, you'll blwo up this planet straight to the H-word!

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Top 10

A variety of YouTube channels which include the top 10 best worst interesting and so on of everything.

That top 10 channel only makes videos on the top 10 best trends.

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