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What is to mind?

The part of your brain that keeps stuff you are aware of.

To keep (variable something) in or on the mind.

To be annoyed or bothered by something.

I'm losing my mind.

Mind your manners.

Yes, I mind the carrot peeler by my penis.

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To mind - what is it?

Something that a pimp will take away from a weak woman.

Pimps will use your mind against you girls.

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What does "to mind" mean?

Mentally independent nervous dispositions

Great minds think alike

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To mind - what does it mean?

Throughout modern times the word 'mind' has been added to the end of all sentences spoke in the Gloucester (UK) area. It can indicate a question, acceptance, frustration, to big up a conquest or anything you so choose!

"What's it for mind?"
"Enjoyed that mind."
"That's it, he's dead mind."
"She got rode mind"
"Big night tonight, gonna put on my new Ben Shearman mind"
"Going up town tonight mind"
"Don't smoke it all mind"
"alright my babber mind"

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To mind - meaning

A place to keep your things.

I keep them in my mind.

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To mind - definition


A part of existence that philosophers and scientists just can't seem to "wrap their minds around", albeit it has been at the center of philosophical and scientific discourse for centuries.

Philosopher 1: "What is the mind?"

Philosopher 2: "I have no idea."

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To mind - slang

Mind is a word frequently used in Scotland meaning:

memory, remembrance, recollection.

In numerous phrases with verbs, constituting the equivalents of verbs of remembering, recalling or reminding.

"Mate, mind that time ah decked Billy?"

"Naw, ah dinnae mind that time ye decked Billy."


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To mind

A different way of saying "look out for..." or "watch out..." Comman usage by Brits.

Friend 1 (driving car): And then I-

Friend 2: Oi! Mind that tree!

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To mind

the past tense of "mind"

I never said I minded babe.
You always think that

btw i love you

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To mind

To take things to your mind in a positive way

Man I just got locked up can you bail me out no I can’t man take it to mind

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