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What is to make a pass?

Flirt or make advances to someone, especially of a sexual nature.

Sock: I've got him passing balls to a ghost in gym class-
Mephistopheles: He's making passes at you?

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To make a pass - what is it?

An attempt to kiss someone in a sexual manner.

"Ted just got fired from his job for making a pass at Tina."

" my husband accused my sister of making a pass at him but, I know he's a lying bastard."

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What does "to make a pass" mean?

To flirt with someone.

- Are you trying to make a pass at me ?
- Not that I'm aware of.

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To make a pass - what does it mean?

Someone getting at another, starting a conversation and flirting in order to get it in later

-"hey, there was this cute girl talking to me earlier but she left"
-"yea she was trying to make a pass"
-"dammit! My game sucks"

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To make a pass - meaning

To flirt with or suggest sexual activity with someone.

To try to kiss or touch another person with the intention of starting a sexual relationship with them.

That idiot made a pass at me.

The last thing she had wanted was for me to make a pass at her.

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