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What is to know?

Phrase: When you or someone else finds some sort of information, usually a cultural or pop culture reference/event, and proceeds to share it with everyone else. Except that pretty much everyone one else in the world already knows. This can be any form of news, media, observation, or anything on the internet. Usually found on social networking websites.

Expressed in short form as "LTK". Can be used in text messages or chat.

"Hey everybody! Check out this cool video: It's peanut butter jelly time!"

"The new Ipad just got released!"

"Hey, it's sunny outside!"

"Hey, check out this awesome band: The Killers!"; "Hey, did you see that video of the drugged kid after the dentist?!?"

REPLY: LTK!!! last to know!!! last to know (ltk)

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To know - what is it?

This is a self defining phrase used in high security settings such as the military and intelligence fields.

I am sorry we can't share that sort of file with you. If it existed it would be on an ntk - need to know basis.

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What does "to know" mean?

to understand how things work, not to be naive about things

In the song "New York City Girl", the singer tells the New York City Girl that "you should know the score by now". Meaning she shouldn't be so naive. She shouldn't think that love is going to be like the Broadway shows, i.e fairy tale like. She's had enough bad experiences to know better, "to know the score by now"!

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To know - what does it mean?

Fairly self-explainatory, a tight security method in which information is only given to those who can present a good case for knowing about a project.

The example is classified, and given out on a need-to-know basis only. Obviously, it isn't funny.

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To know

Something that makes no sense and means getting familiar with the world around u and realizing u no longer like someone. It's like an inside joke about understanding yourself with yourself.

"Yo dude, how are u and her doing?" Dude 1
"Get to know" dude 2
"you dropped her? That's harsh" dude 1
"Get to know dude" dude 2

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To know

Need to know ; means exactly that. It doesn't defy the rules as stated "I'm a dumb fuck head, and by the way...your not ment/supposed to keep anything classified".

If there is some kind of chemical alarm here, it's need to know.

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To know

A way of telling someone they just told you something they don't give a fuck about.

Wow good to know

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To know

It's a nicer way of saying ''I don't care''

Example 1 :
Sasha : I Have This New Amazzingg Boyfriend
Emily: Nice To Know.

Example 2:

Elli: Today Is A Great Day For Me, I'm Having The Best Luck I've Ever Had
Brandy: Nice To Know.

Example 3 & Last One :

Jordan: I Love Her SOO Much.
Caitlyn: Nice To Know. I Wish You Guys The Best.

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To know

- a state of being
Being familiar with a topic or a broad range of topics. Either having extensive knowledge in a subject that your peers would consider you an expert, or having a firm grasp of a variety of topics that can summarize a wealth of practical knowledge.

You should listen to him, he really knows, his shit!
Trust me, I really know my shit.
This sentence is required to know shit.

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To know

being acquainted with

i know how to tie my shoe

i know this guy named McAleer...i think he pronounces his name wrong

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