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What is to bomb?

To look HOT in every way...
Describing a person as being bomb Means he/she is everything put together in LOOKS WISE, like nothing kills them on the outside in other words Flawless...

BerlyKim: Aye Foo You Know Who I Think Is Bomb?
Jella: Who Dawg?
BerlyKim: Kim Kardashian Is Bomb Aye.
Jella: Yeah Foo Shes Freakin Bomb Ass Fuck.
BerlyKim: Foreaal Id Smash Like There's No Tommorrow (;

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To bomb - what is it?

something very cool/ good

This is some bomb ass pizza. or This is a bomb ass club.

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What does "to bomb" mean? be drunk or high on drugs do really poorly on something

A boy who was in DARE class whispered to his friend.

Boy: "Ready to get bombed after this?"
DARE officer: "What was that!?"
Boy: "I said 'I really bombed on your quiz'!"
DARE officer: "Oh, well study harder next time."

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To bomb - what does it mean?

Something you never say on air airplane.

Ben Stiller: Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb bomb.

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To bomb

1. (before 1997) Something really bad; a failure

2. (after 1997) Something considered excellent and/or the best (uses modifier "the")

1. I hated that movie! I'm not surprised that it was a total bomb at the box office.

2. I loved that movie! It was the bomb!

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To bomb

to do really poorly on something

I bombed both midterms and I didn't study for the final - I'm looking forward to taking that class again next semester

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To bomb

The art of doing any forms of graffiti.

I'm out to bomb like vietnam!

Bombing is better than violence.

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To bomb

The act of tagging. Varying size, complexity, and color usage.

Lets go bomb that fat wall we scoped last nite.

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To bomb

An act - either a by-product of poor hygiene, or as a precursor to the bombing of Hiroshima (bomb Hiroshima) - in which an Asian subject deposits a large dump in a cubicle which typically receives only Caucasian use.

Optionally includes the laying of a "dollop" on the toilet seat.

Man, I invited some of A-town over on the weekend and they utterly destroyed my bathroom. ..

I had no idea they were going to bomb Pearl Harbour.

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To bomb


To fail spectacularly.

The team was predicted to bomb in the playoffs and it came true; they failed to win a single game.

The actor totally bombed, he was booed off stage by the crowd.

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