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What is to Facebook?

the place to show your friends how much better your life is than theirs

*my public facebook wall post* how amaaaazing was last night!!

*another's public facebook wall post* I know right haha xxxx

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to Facebook - video

To Facebook - what is it?

A web site where you go to see how fat and ugly all of your old "friends" have become and to see how many babies the fine bitches from HS school have shit out. A place to read stupid ass comments about how much being a parent is a pain in the ass. A website for losers.

My social life consists of reading comments on Facebook.

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What does "to Facebook" mean?

The person who uses Facebook.

A: Are you a Facebooker?
B: Yes I am.
A: How much time do you spend on Facebook daily?
B: Well, around three hours.

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To Facebook - what does it mean?

when you and your friends are out and about and all of a sudden something really good happens and you get a picture of it and it imeditely needs to go on facebook

you and your friends are at a friends house drunk and you get a big group shot of everyone and someone from the back goes "facebook it" and everyone knows what you are talking about

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To Facebook - meaning

Facebook is the new Bebo. Most of the people on Facebook are self absorbed attention seekers who like to post as many pictures of themselves as they possibly can. Facebook mainly consists of lyrical captions for duck face pictures and hormonal girls who feel the need to tell the world about their break up from a month long relationship. Some people often mistake Facebook for Twitter and include the hashtag after a dramatic speech of a status. Facebook is the home of drama. Log in to Facebook and you'll question the reason for some people's existence.

*Logs into Facebook*
Girl 1 status: "HATIN NOT BEIN NEXT TO YUU BBY. CRYIN MASEFL TO SLEEP EVRY NITE. night peepz :(:(:((: btw single nd lookin xxx"
Girl 2 status: "Fuck you and all your shit. I'm done."
Girl 3 status: "You're such a head f***!! I HATE BOYS!!"
Girl 4 status: "If happy eva after did exist i wud still be holdin u like dis all those fairy tales r full of shit 1 mor fukin love song ill be sick.. (8)"
Girl 5 status: "HAHAHA cant believe you #shitboysdo #onceacheatalwaysacheat #fuckthis #chicksb4dicks"

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To Facebook - definition

A social network website that evolved in February of 2004. Is a waste of peoples time to chat about nonsense, other websites hi5, myspace, twitter, tagged, badoo, etc. If used usefully can benefit several people and businesses from a financial/business perspective.

What website that is so universally known?
Oh, that is facebook. Its the same thing, just a different name, its like myspace.

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To Facebook - slang

A perpetual, modern day, high school reunion from Hell.

Let's Facebook insert person's name to see how they're doing right now.

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To Facebook

Facebook is like prison, you write on walls and poke random people.


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To Facebook

a stalkers dream come true

facebook addict #1: dude you know that hot girl who lives upstairs, i totally got her screen name and cell phone number off of facebook
facebook addict #2: awesome, now you can totally stalk her

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To Facebook

A website owned by the CIA used to spy on dumbasses who do all the work for "big brother". Appeals to brainwashed tools who are stupid enought to be concerned with fashion and trend and sports so getting them to fall for facebook and twitter and cellphones isn't that hard.

Sign up for facebook and let the US government know exactly what you're up to at all times! Remember to use your real name! And get used to all that farming! Once the Bilderbergs take over all you're going to have is dirt.

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