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What is tip on?

taking just the tip of one's penis into the vaginal entrance and removing it, going no deeper than the bottom of the glans. . .commonly used as a compromise for sex and foreplay for a blowjob

She wouldn't let me fuck her, but she was ok with me tipping her before she blew me.

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Tip on - what is it?

The end of a man's penis

that hoe was on my tip last night

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What does "tip on" mean?

Ready to fight.

Bro I'm on tip.

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Tip on - what does it mean?

1.Noun: The point at which the tip of the penis enters the vagina.

2.Verb: The act of putting the tip of the penis into the vagina.

3. The promise you make during 3rd base.
i.e. " I'll only put the tip in."

" Stacey, baby,I don't think we are ready to have sex either, I just want to tip in, and then I'll pull away, that's all. Promise"

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Tip on - meaning

To tip a box of wine to get the last drop; to finish off any cheap alcohol.

Oh no! The spicket's run dry! You gotta tip it to get the last drop! Tip it!!!

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Tip on - definition

The results of two males, standing face to face, and their helmets or heads touch. This action can be on purpose or by mental error.

While showering in the school lockerroom. Miguel turned quickly and we touched. He was tip to tip with me.

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Tip on - slang

A way of being or feeling

I've been on the shy tip lately, that's why I havent called.

Tonight I'm rollin' on the solo tip, no honey's wit me.

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Tip on

when you have reached the highest point of tipsiness.

"no more drinks for me, i'm already on that tip tip"

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Tip on

To walk up to someone's table that has a tip on it and slap your penis onto the money claiming it as yours.

I am cruising Applebees running Tip for Tips...

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Tip on

When two men accidentally touch dicks in a non-sexual way.

Steve: *tries to squeeze through the crowd
Al: *walks towards Steve
Steve and Al: *touch dicks on their way through
Steve: Ah, shit. We just went tip-to-tip

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