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What is times are tough?

When something has toughness, it is to tough to be broken.

The table had so much toughness the bomb did not give it a scratch.

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Times are tough - what is it?

Tough is a word that few people truly understand.

Tough=grit. Tough people are never taken down by challenges. Suffering, for tough people, is endurable. The goal, however, is the objective.

Father: No more hanging around your pal Jimmy. He can't stop getting involved in fights and drugs! He 's no friend to you!

Son: He's my pal, a tough guy......

Father: No! It doesn't take much grit to throw a punch or smoke a joint, but it takes a hell of a lot to work yourself to death for a sociopathic boss and come at 2:00 a.m. every night without complaining! I'm the tough guy, I'm the one with grit!!!!!

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What does "times are tough" mean?

To pleasure another by either fisting or giving a hand job

Olivia: haha nothing like smelling a bum at the crack of dawn!

James: Uh whats that smell and why does my ass hurt so much. WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!


James:"toughing" thats a new slang word

Olivia: LMFAO

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Times are tough - what does it mean?

adj. excellent, first-rate;
used as a positive description of someone or something;
synonyms include cool, hot, tight, bitchin', sweet, awesome, pissa, hip, rad etc.

Yo, that's mad tough, yo!
Your car looks friggin' tough.
Tough, yo, I'm down.

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Times are tough

Mentally strong.

That's guy is really tough.

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Times are tough

To pleasure one through either fisting or giving a handjob.

A girl was toughing him for the first time.

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Times are tough

When somebody wants something, and they don't get what they want.

Jennifer: Aw, man. I don't got any pencils.
Peter: Tough Times

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Times are tough

Often refering to the micro environment (but with acknowledgement of the macro) this term offers an explanation of a difficulty encountered by an individual.

Calvin: I didnt get a bonus this year. Bullshit!

James: Tough Times.

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Times are tough

When someone has no or very little money
Also known as ‘tough times
Common phase used by persons called Leroy or most with no money

P1: Hey, do you want to go out tonight?
P2:Sorry I can’t.
P1: Why?
P2: Times are tough round.

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Times are tough

A quote from a mentally deranged man from 8 bit theater

Fighter: Good morning!
Tat Dude: Times are tough.
Fighter: How are you?
Tat Dude: Times are tough.
Fighter: Wanna swordfight?
Tat Dude: Times are tough.
Fighter: Are you mentally deranged?
Tat Dude: Times are tough.
Fighter: ...

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