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What is throb?


Swelling of the genetalia in both male and females.

Charles : My cock Throbs seconds after Karen refers to any sexual contact we have had. From 3 miles distance (as the crow flies).

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Throb - what is it?

A sexually charged, palpable feeling within one’s clitoris that is aimed in the direction of only one individual.

Her pussy was throbbing at just the thought of the tantalizing things that she wanted them to do together.

To throb is to feel love within ones clit. It precedes; and is the path to love of the heart and then to ones mind. They may or may not be mutually inclusive.

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What does "throb" mean?

The way Charles White's cock was when he beat fellow streamer xQc in chess in just 6 moves.

My cock is Throbbing! Throbbing!

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Throb - what does it mean?

When your so horny that your pussy starts having a heartbeat, it feels good for some but not all people have the same reaction towards it

George, you think blue balls hurt? Throbbing is the real

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Throb - meaning

The throbbing feeling a woman feels in her clitoris when she is aroused. The female version of a hard-on.

We got each other so worked up last night - I had a massive throb-on.

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Throb - definition

Swell, Buldge,

My cock started to throb after my mom sucked it for a good 20 mins.

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Throb - slang

someone with anger problems

Calm dowm you throb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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a hot song

turn up the radio this is the throb

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to forcibly insert a blood engorged penis in the rectum of (insert direct object here)

Quit throbbing me!!!

Iowa is the throb state of all time!

I got throbbed in that game of tiddly-winks by another boy.

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n., a thoroughly disagreeable person; a hard-on

Sean Hannity is such a throb.

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