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What is thick ass?

Throw a human being with a thick ass on the 25th of October every year

I'm going to throw a girl with a thick ass, Coz it's national throw a thick ass day

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thick ass - video

Thick ass - what is it?

Used to describe something that is really nice and large. Can be used in different ways.

That's a sick ass whip wit a thick ass rim wit a sick fridge with thick ass.

Damn, that girl got a sick ass wit a thick ass.

Donny, you're a sick ass foo wit a thick ass dude.

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What does "thick ass" mean?

A mass produced brownie that claims to be "thick as a nigga" typically made with 60% cacao, the brownies are typically very thick and tasty. Their ad campaign, makes typical 'nigger jokes' such as "thick as a nigga...and half as stupid".

Dude, I ate some thick ass nigga brownies today, they were awesome!

"Thick as a nigga, and pays rent!"

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Thick ass - what does it mean?


Evyn is a thick ass bitch

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Thick ass - meaning

A woman that’s very thick with a lot of ass

Damn shorty you thick as hell with hella ass, I’m trying to spend a Bag β€œWitcho Thick Ass”

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Thick ass - definition

A big badass piece of fatty sperm covered ass. Usually tastes like addictive weed and you want to fuck it as hard as you can and usually after you just squish you come out of the owners house with a brown mouth, a hard af cock and sperm covered trousers. The owner usually is hella sexy and happy to let you numb suck their ass like there was no tomorrow and it is impossible to leave their house without at least a hard, sperm covered dick and a brown mouth.

Erected female: I am jealous of her thick ass
Horny male 1: I have a gf but you should go eat that ass

Horny male 2: *licking* I already am

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Thick ass - slang

The thing that Kim Kardashian is globally recognized for and praised and ejaculating off upon.

Jon, "WOAH! Look at the thick ass on that babe!"
Mark, "Oh my God let's dually ejaculate!"
-both men ejaculate-
Mark and Jon, "THAT WAS AWESOME!!"

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