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What is the manager?

A career for losers. Of course I'm talking about store, restaraunt, fast food, and possibly hotel managers. They're the types of people who sit in the back room, smoke cigarettes, and chat all while doing minimal to no work. They then act like their jobs are hard. They get paid to yell at everyone and treat people beneath their position like they're nothing. They also get paid double to triple what everyone else makes for acting like trailer trash basically. Some of them have college degrees while others just got to where they were by kissing up. They are some of the lowest lives on earth, and they are lower than those who they employed. There are some good people with those jobs, but for the most part they're losers. They think they are business men and women, but they are sorely mistaken. Keep in mind that while they don't live in poverty they are not rich either, and most of them have bugs up their asses because they'll be at those lame jobs their whole lives. People beneath their position with heads on their shoulders will end up with better careers than any manager in the long run. Serves them right.

Retail Worker: I'm starting my part time college job tomorrow. I wonder who my dirtbag manager is. Maybe this boss will be one of the rare nice ones who won't be there forever. Who knows?

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The manager - what is it?

A medical condition - and the professional field opened upon contraction - which nullifies or in severe cases reverses the normal causative effects of gaining skill in an area as experience with that area also grows, as well as inverting the pay-to-productivity ratio.

Bob got management and within 6 months had forgotten everything he had learned in his 10 years as a developer. He can't write a line of code anymore, but now he makes twice as much as he did before!

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What does "the manager" mean?

sits in the back room on myspace and facebook, smokes too much, talks on the phone, does little or nothing all day, then tells you what your doing is not being done well enough and gets paid twice as much as you to do it

manager's friend: what did you do at work today
manager: nothing really...

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The manager - what does it mean?

The career goal of every employee too useless or lazy to do any REAL work

Vic Barron thinks that if he blows enough managers, they might eventually make him a manager too.

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The manager - meaning

A secretary who can fire you.

manager: i know you told me all this work is impossible to get done in time, but get it done. i'll go do some useless paperwork.

employee: but...

manager: you're fired. now get back to work.

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The manager - definition

The institution of watching without working, usually accompanied with a significantly higher salary.

Person 1: "Did anyone else notice the guy sleeping in the crew room earlier?"

Person 2: "No, man, he's with management."

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The manager - slang

Someone too incompetent to do any real work but who now has the authority to fuck up the work of those who aren't

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The manager

The guy wearing clean clothes who has very soft, smooth hands and a slick haircut and tells you to get the hell home before you get any overtime. The company's representative who is responsible for harassing, intimidating, disciplining and strong-arming employees in the name of better business practices. The cocky, overblown prick whose desk at work is stacked higher with grievance papers than his desk at home is piled high with overdue car and mortgage payments. That smarmy cocksucker in the VIP lounge at the club who orders bottles of top shelf vodka for the underage rich girls he picks up nightly at the strip joint. A man whose insecurities and self-doubts provide ample fuel for his currupt machinations in the workplace. The blue nosed white collared red cheeked scum-of-the-earth driveshaft of america's sputtering corporate engine. Collectively, managers are the scum that rises to the top of the pond in which we all must daily swim, and the company's ethics hotline is the vast barge that pushes this slime to shore to be beached and shriveled in the white-hot scorching sun of accountability.

Manager Jimbob had to change his underwear after I whipped out my contract book and asked him if he was harassing me. His panic sweat reeked of booze and almonds.

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The manager

A person who appears to know how all tasks should be accomplished but can't actually do any of those tasks themselves.

A manager will tell you exactly how something should be done, even though he or she has never done it themselves.

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The manager

The poor guy that always has to deal with Karen.

The manager will tell you the same thing the employee told you Karen...

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