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What is the human race?

Another way to spell Perez hiton

-Oh, Perez hilton is such a disgrace to human race...
- Yes, Sarah I wish he would kill himself already!

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The human race - what is it?

A really dumb group of mammals who will fight over the smallest possible things.

The Human race will fight over dumb and stupid reasons, such as who's pet is cuter.

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What does "the human race" mean?

Dipshits who fuck up their own planet for money that has no real worth.

Wait a second...

The human race is so wasteful.

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The human race - what does it mean?

The one true race. All divisions of race exist on paper to get people to think in terms of whether they look the same or different from the next person.

If you're gonna hate somebody, hate them for being a member of the human race and never for having a different skin, hair, or eye color. Have a good reason to hate them, give them a good reason to hate you.

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The human race - meaning

Consists of many races such as:

Guy 1: there is only 1 race, the human race
Guy 2: what about nascar?

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The human race - definition

For every person who takes a life someone will give life. 10 who destroy, 20 will rebuild. 20 who lie, 40 will tell the truth..this is what makes the world go round for every wrong done there will be someone to do it right it's balanced.

urban Dictionary to Websters Dictionary, human race to animals

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The human race - slang

An infestation.

George: Hey billy whats your opionion about "the human race"?
Billie: Its an infestation.

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The human race

Humans are interesting to say the least. One minute we are fighting each other over beliefs and ethnicity and the other we are looking to the people beside us and joining hands. There are two things in our lives that influence everything we do: survival of ourselves and survival of our species. The reason we look for the hot chicks is to make more people, we want money so we have better food and shelter. And the reason we fight..... how the fuck should I know, but at the end of the day, after the blood, destruction, and darkness, is a light leading to hope, new beginnings, and unity. We look to the stars, because you may ask? The sky's the limit. If we can dream it, we can do it.
P.S. These are my thoughts and my theories.

Soon, the human race will leave the chains of difference and have everlasting peace.

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The human race

A group of highly evolved assholes who mysteriously appeared on the third planet from the sun in a tiny solar system who spend their meaningless, short lifespans trying to figure out themselves, the world around them, and their fellow assholes. As of late, a solid conclusion to the problem of their existence has yet to be found, and continued conflicts between different groups of assholes plague the minuscule planet on which they reside, as well as the human race itself.

"Hey, Joe. Did you hear the news last night?"

"Yeah. That's some twisted shit. Man, I hate the human race."

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