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What is the girl's?

A beautiful woman. Too beautiful for words. She’s absolutely stunning and perfect in every way. Her beauty will never matched. Everything about her is beautiful. She has to many greate features to name all at once, but her tummy is one of the cutes things in the world. At the same time her hair is just gorgeous, Also she has the cutes nose in the world. There are to many features to name. She’s very strong and sometimes independent. She will always have you smiling and keep you laughing. She’s just so silly. I don’t know anyone that cares more about her friends. And she will sacrifice her own happiness for them. She’s truly and original. She’s the sweetest girl with a voice that could end a war with one sentence. She’s always there to support me evan when I mess up. She’s not that type of girl who you pick up at the bar and take home. She will enchant you in every way possible. She’ll leave imprints on your heart that will never go away. There will never be a girl like her trust me.

Syrah the girl who is enchantingly beautiful.

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The girl's - what is it?

Usually the most awesome person in the room. Great personality because she is always laughing. Finds ways to make bad situations better and change the moods of people around her. Usually stunning and very model like. Boys tend to fall in love vigorously and hard. Also she tends to move on from boy to boy without care. Until one comes along and she's crazy - crazy in love<3 then continue to have a gorgeous son named Jake.

Devin - the GIRL.

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What does "the girl's" mean?

the meaning of refilling the girls is when a girl is getting wet and having a broken faucet

Conner grabbed Kora thigh and she got wet and later told her friend amber wow he is really refilling the girls

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The girl's - what does it mean?

Once you let her in your life it's hard to forget her. Taylan is a very smart love able and extremely attractive. She is very athletic and good at almost every sport she plays. She has a great sense of style and taste in music sometimes she wears things only she herself can pull off. Taylan is very wild and a risk taker but she also gives great advice. Taylan is the type of friend you want to always have around she will stand by your side at all times and pick you up when you are down.

I met this fine and beautiful girl at the mall yesterday and I am positive that she is a Taylan (the girl).

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The girl's

main charictor millie.a was married to emily.k and is a main charactor on a tv show called 'the girls' in 1954. carried on for 2 years then ended as its time slot got replaced and was said to be inapropriot to be on at that time of day is it was about two women lovers and was not approved of.

emily (short, brunette,funny) and millie (tall,blond,clever) were madly in love and started as best friends who both enjoyed sleepovers and often went to them, which is how they discovered their love.

the girls
'emily: how i love the millie so though she may be like the sex of i. '
'millie: thou shall not fear my love as the is not far from loves perrow'

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The girl's

Like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition only much, much better.

Aline Samy

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The girl's

a sexy group of women that don't fuck with bullshit and look good doing it.

Woah did u see the girls at the last rager on Saturday?

Yeah they are so fuxking dope!

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The girl's

Things that make masturbation a whole lot easier for us women!!!

oh yeah! it feelsso much better when i squeeze the girls!!!!!

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The girl's

A playful title referring to a group or class of male homosexuals however not limited to.

Mariah Evisu: "It's packed in club Shampoo tonight!"

Amarrahii Revlon: "Well you know it is Philly and it's first friday!"

Mariah Evisu: "Yasssssss honey, The Girls are out no shade!"

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The girl's

Affectionate term for a woman's breasts.

The girls may only be 34B's, but I like them just as they are.

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