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What is the forest?

1.(noun) An area prodominantly covered in trees, and natural wild life.

2.(noun) A Large quantity of weed/marijuana. Usually between a half ounce to an ounce of high grade marijuana.

1. "There is a vast forest behind the river."

2. Andy- "hey yo, you should come over. I got a forest over here we're about to roll some blunts."

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the forest - video

The forest - what is it?

A person who doesn't fuck around. Is very tall and very big. Always carry's a weapon with him. He is able to knock someone out with one blow to the face. When you see a Forest, you run.

"What happened to you?!" "This Forest came out of nowhere and kicked the shit out of me."

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What does "the forest" mean?

Subaru Forester, built on a extended impreza platform, using the same motor as the 2.5RS. The exception to this is the 04-05 XT, that uses the STI EJ257 block, but the WRX intercooler and TD04 turbo.

Made to be a "SUV" the boxy forester in the XT trim can be built by a tuner to be as fast, or faster than the STI trim impreza. The slightly longer wheel base leans it to understeer in the corners, but far more stable.

Dude you just got spanked by a wagon!

OMG was that a forester than just roasted that EVO?

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The forest - what does it mean?

a ridiculous amount of pubic hair, noticed suddenly and publicly when revealed by such a hairy individual to the dismay of others. One might exclaim, describing the little people lost and roaming about this jungle, "LET ME OUTA HERE!!!"

"Ahhhh, let my OUTA HERE!!!!"

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The forest - meaning

A large group of trees, common to awesome areas.

"Dude i wish i was a part of that forest"

"Yeah lets leave our herd and join it"

"You're right herds are lame"

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The forest - definition

I pillar of strength, definitely one who will stand by you through bad times and protect from all evils.
A strong and undestanding father.

Forest surrounds his family with strong, protecting limbs.

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The forest - slang

The act of sticking a thin wooden dowel (the less smooth, the better) into a man's urethra, then pulling it out as fast as possible, leaving many splinters inside the penis.

Guy 1: How was your date last night with Katie?
Guy 2: It was pretty good. Me and her were foresting, but we had to stop once her parents came home.

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The forest

A nice person who doesnt hurt anyones feelings. They are very smart and sophisticated.They always work hard at their job and they have lots of friends.

that person is so Forest!

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The forest

1) Common location for stoners
2) Home of mysterious forest creatures
3) Area for snake-sighting

Billy: Hey Sally, wanna come snake huntin' with me in the forest? I can also show you my new bong!
Sally: Yay! Sounds good to me!

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The forest

Malaysia Airlines Simulator

A great survival/horror game in which you are forced to survive on a cannibal infested peninsula, and completely forget about your kidnapped son while you build a massive fortress.

I massacred the natives in the forest for their dank crafting materials. Am I the bad guy?

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