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What is the eye?

eyes (n.) - Traditionally defined as a feature on a living creature’s body that allows it to see, this simple area of the body is considered by some to be the most beautiful and mystifying physical feature of another person (especially the eyes of a woman). Unlike the breasts, legs, or gluteus maximus (which are often associated with physical beauty in women) the eyes hold value outside of the realm of sexuality. (Some would even argue that, for this reason alone, the admiration of a woman's eyes is more respectable and pure than being physically attracted toward some element of her sex.) Some men find the most dazzling feature of a woman to be her eyes, leaving everything else as all but completely irrelevant. Looking into a woman’s eyes, one can sometimes peer into her soul.

“You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you so I can wake up to look into your eyes, every day, for the rest of my life.”

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the eye - video

The eye - what is it?

a way stan twitter uses to say "i-" or "im-"

used when youre speechless or shocked at something.

@skzstan: stray kids outdid your faves sorry @ army thats the tea!

@army: eye

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What does "the eye" mean?

To check out a guy/girl. Someone you have a crush on or want to be with for whatever reason.

Zhan: You eyeing anyone?
Mac: Alexis from science

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The eye - what does it mean?

No one knows what you have been through or what your pretty little eyes have seen, but I can reassure you ~ whatever you have conquered, it shines through your mind.

P1: You can see her heart.
P2: how?
P1 : it's in the eyes

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The eye - meaning

if a girl decides to squirt on you, you have the right to squirt back.

once i was eating out my girl and when she climaxed she ended up spilling out her juices all over my face nearly blinding me. Then I looked at her and said, "eye for an eye right?"

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The eye - definition

This phrase can have one of 3 meanings the Metaphorical sense: meaning one aggressive or harmful action commited against a person is moraly equal to that person commiting an aggressive or harmful action towords against his or her aggressor. The other meaning is the Entirely Literal sense of the phrase: in which one person has there eye taken by an other and so then takes that persons eye as retribution. There is also the Half Metaphorical meaning: which is one action that is aggressive or harmful towords a person or a body of people makes it moraly acceptable to take that aggressors eye as retribution

"Thouse barbarians have raped all of the virgins of our village so we must go over to their all-male camp and rape them because that is the way of an Eye for an Eye"

"Oww!! holy shit!! that guy just took my eye, what the hell!! I'm gonna take his eye because that's fair, its an eye for an eye!"

"I can't belive you just stole my last rolo Skippy!, that's it I'm taking your eye, *struggle* Bloody hold still!! *gauge* *pop* There we go. An eye for an eye skippy."

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The eye - slang

Colloquial, form of eye crap, the crusy and/or gooey jism that forms in the corner(s) of your eye(s) overnight, at least some times. Not often, but usually after a wild evening. Can be dangerous to rub upon awakeining, you can scratch your cornea. A close relative of mehmeh

I woke up with a serious case of eye-eye. I'm going to knit some mehmeh stockings and make some eye-eye cookies.

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The eye

being on the same level

Are you eye to eye with me you one-eyed, peg-legged, toothless, frech-whore midgit bitch?

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The eye

If you're not an idiot, you'd know that "eye for an eye" means, if you fuck someone up, we'll fuck you up too. First coined by Hammurabi back in ancient Mesopotamia times, although I'm sure he didn't quite put it that way.

When John Wilkes Booth shot Lincoln, then got killed in a barn in Virginia, that's an eye for an eye.
When Nathan Gale shot that dimebag Darrel, then got tracked down and killed, that's an eye for an eye.
When you give me AIDS after sex, then I track you down and stab the shit out of you, that's an eye for an eye.

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The eye


Now we're seeing eye to eye.

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