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What is the cause?

Something with little chance of succeeding.

The movie 'jungle 2 jungle' was a lost cause

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The cause - what is it?

Individuals who take an issue and stick with it or protest it for about a week; a mob of liberal environmentalists concerned about everything but doing little about it

As you walked around the anti-globalization protest, you could hear the animal rights cause-heads chanting "Save the whales!"

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What does "the cause" mean?

Used to describe something or someone who is hopeless.

"I've tried to help Tyler with his drug problem but he is a lost cause."

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The cause - what does it mean?

To attract attention(in a bad way)in public.

I saw those guy were fighting at the square.They always cause a scene.

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The cause - meaning


he left ‘cause I told him to bug off

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The cause - definition

For the cause

Towards the groups goal. Usually something shady. Drugs, alcohol, a keg, stripper, etc.

I'm all out of dope. I need more paper to re up.
I have eighty for the cause.

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The cause - slang

1.slang for because
2.the word someone types when they're too lazy to write because.

Person one "why did you do that?"
Person two "just cause"

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The cause

The short form of bcause, which is a short form of because. Can be shortened further to cuz. Pretty soon it will just be cz.

he'll yell at me 'cause i wasn't there.

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The cause

Conj. Slang. Variant of "because."

I did it 'cause I felt like doing it.

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The cause

An exclamation proclaiming one's intent to do something of questionable nature for unkown or ill advised reasons. Often used by a group of friends while playing halo or halo 2. Also used to describe the feeling one has about a certain situation, object, or person.

Guy1 *throws plasma grenade on themselves, running into a group of enemies* FOR THE CAUSE
Guy 2"Dude why'd you do that?"
Guy 1 "Dude i dont know, i was for the causing it"


GUy 1 "Dude that test was totally not for the cause, it ranked of uncausefullness."
Guy 2 "Dude thats on the real tip"

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