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What is the carpet?

The process of male masturbation which results in fluid being disposed of on the floor

"jimmy is at home hardening the carpet

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The carpet - what is it?

A synonym for eating pussy. The term is primarily used in the lesbian community.

After her win at Wimbledon, Martina was munching the carpet on her fluff girlfriend when I opened the wrong door.

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What does "the carpet" mean?

A person who walks quickly without picking up their feet.

'Gee, will you look at Zoran walking to the printing machine, that guy really burns the carpet.'

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The carpet - what does it mean?

The sexual act of ejaculating onto a females pubic hair, then proceeding to spread it around with your penis.

Andrea let Grant mop the carpet for her last night.

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The carpet

Woman giving her man a blowjob.
Giving getting head
Knob job

I can't believe she would vacuum your carpet.

So Shelly did you vacuum his carpet yet?
No one vacuumed my carpet that deep before Teresa.
Don't interrupt me she is vacuuming the carpet.

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The carpet

When you pull out and cum in the girls pubic hair

Some people like to cum on the tits, but I like to stain the carpet

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The carpet

Having sex with a woman until her vagina hurts, usually caused by a lack of lubrication.

Manwhore003: Man that bish over there is walkin kinda funny.
Manwhore004: Yeah, I burned the carpet last night, she was out of K-Y.

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The carpet

When someone is very obviously and flamboyantly gay, but they completely deny any homosexual tendencies. Just like if a person were to hide under a carpet, it's very obvious that they are hiding and are doing a completely insufficient job. They are fooling no one.

Gay: "So, I heard you are gay..."
Under the Carpet: "Nooo! Why would you think that. I like

Gay: "Bi?"
Under the Carpet: "whaAttt?"
Gay: "Don't lie to me. I've heard stories."
Under the Carpet: "Whaaat?! Noooo. Nu-uhhh."
Gay: "Oh come onnnnn, you are so gay!"
Under the Carpet: ""

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The carpet

Where you do everything

“There goes Jerry again sleeping on the carpet.”

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The carpet

A colloquial nickname given to the home ground of Arsenal Football Club. Located in Ashburton Grove, it is more widely known as the Emirates Stadium, for sponsorship reasons.

The term 'the carpet's is attributed to the stadium due to the exceptional quality of the grass as a playing surface.

Man 1: wa'gwanin this Saturday bruv?

Man 2: na'gwanin, just watching Arsenal at the Carpet bruvvv.

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