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What is the cal?

C ock
A lways
L ittle

gosh! u have suck a CAL

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the cal - video

The cal - what is it?

Cyberathelete Amateur League.. where people usually from counter-strike go and compete to see who's the best, full of hackers and full of admins who dont give a shit if you hack... everyone CAL M+ has hackers on their team
consists of these divisions

Cal-O (Open)
Cal-Im (intermediate)
Cal-M (main)
Cal-i (invite)

Dude i just like won playoffs in Cal-p and the finals im goin cal-i lol!!1111111111111111111111111111

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What does "the cal" mean?

n.: A community of hackers; a league of hackers; a place where hackers competitively compete without getting caught; an overated Counter-Strike league.

example 1: Dude, my hacking team made it to CAL-P without getting caught.

example 2: I hack so I can only play in CAL.

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The cal - what does it mean?

Cyberathelete Amateur League. A league in cs where the best and worst of cs players go to get humiliated by pros.
Where people who suck at cs think cal-i are hackers..those silly noobs. (open) (main) (intermediate) (invite (professional)

1.We are goin cal this season..i doubt we will even reach cal-m
2.they can own u, they are cal-i

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The cal - meaning

word meaning "shit" in nad-sac

I beat the cal out of the guy.

I got yelled at and all that cal.

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The cal - definition

nadsat for "shit"

also cally = "shitty"

from Clockwork Orange

the grhzny bratchny bitched me out and all that cal

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The cal - slang

1. A Burner , Pistol , Handgun , Firearm
2. sometimes refers to an ass whoopin

3. to Get Clacked Up

As in Caliber ie. 45 caliber or 50 caliber . or " I'm gonna put the cal on you

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The cal

my best friend.

Cal is always there for me

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The cal

The Cal is a creature known to copy other people’s appearances for its entertainment and hygiene. No one knows what it’s real appearance is but they still love it for who it is.

Where the heck is The Cal now?

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The cal

Worlds thickest girl. Her hobby’s consist of sucking orange dick n doing it well.

that girl is cal cal she is good with the gingers balls.

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