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What is the brigadier?

A very dangerous man. The Brigadier will lull you into a false sense of security, what with his khaki shorts, comfortable shoes and cheese and onion crisps: but make no mistake, one false move and he will end you. His favourite form of torture is taking windows out of your home.

Anyone seen Gill and Jonny?

Nah man, they've been missing ever since they annoyed the Brigadier.

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The brigadier - what is it?

Pure menace. Ignore his cheery and garrulous demeanor; the Brigadier commands respect as the leader of an elite guerrilla organisation. He has been known to torture individuals who dared ask for extra windows in their countryside properties. Despite often being seen in khaki shorts and relaxed footwear, do not think him a soft touch; he'll eat your kids.

Has anybody seen Jonny and Gill? I haven't seen them since they had a late night meeting with the Brigadier.

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What does "the brigadier" mean?

β€œReal power is something you take” Jock Ewing once said to Bobby. And thus, becoming a brigadier is a rite of passage only the most ruthless can aspire to.

Some say becoming a brigadier is like winning a game of low, others say it’s just luck. In some parts of Belfast there are as many as one brigadier to every ten windows.

Often sought by the police, only a fool would confirm his identity.

Policeman-is that man dancing like a chicken the brigadier


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The brigadier - what does it mean?

One who is an authority/expert of the bukkake party.

I'd have to say that Admiral Anus has accomplished a new rank, Brigadier bukkake.

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The brigadier - meaning

A 3 star asshole who thinks hes always right .

Oh god here comes brigadier

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