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What is the bitches?

Someone who is inconsiderate and insensitive.

Someone who used to be kind to you, but then decided that you weren't good enough for them anymore.

Someone who you thought was your friend, but turned out to be the opposite.

She's so mean, I can't believe it. She's such a bitch now"

"She doesn't care about anyone but herself, what a bitch!"

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the bitches - video

The bitches - what is it?

Growing tired of ones actions prompting you to say such. When ones actions make you angry overtime, you will most likely say this.

Girl 1: Hey guys! Don't i look amazing today?

Girl 2: Oh my god. This bitch...

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What does "the bitches" mean?

1.) A female dog

2.) Annoying complaining

3.) Used to describe a very rude person

4.) Someone's sidekick/slave

1.) Yeah, our bitch just had puppies

2.) He's been bitching about his dad everyday and it's getting on my nerves

3.) That girl wrecked my car. That Constance chick what a bitch!

4.) I couldn't make it in prison because I'd just end up someone's bitch

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The bitches - what does it mean?

one of the most versatile words in the english language; it is used to express a multitude of emotions; anger, anticipation, despair, endearment, envy, excitement, fear, horror, joy, shock, surprise, warning; all achieved by one's enunciation and intonation.

Endearment: Hey bitch!
Joy: Oh my god, bitch!
Anticipation: Bitch, guess what?
Shock/Pain: Stubs toe Ah, bitch!
Envy: She's SUCH a BITCH.
Fear: Bitch. What was that noise?
Surprise: BITCH!
Warning: Bitch. Don't try me.
Despair: Biiiitch.

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The bitches - meaning

A slang term for 'in this place'.

Yo dude, is there any more beers up in this bitch?

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The bitches - definition

The person being referenced (1st bitch) is behaving as themselves as they normally are as a person (2nd bitch), and their behaviour is difficult to manage (3rd bitch).

A poetic opposite derivative from the phrase "a rose is a rose is a rose".

Example: No matter how much we try to change his attitude, a bitch is a bitch is a bitch.

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The bitches - slang

Usually referring to a female, who is at the top of the food chain of bitches. worst bitch u could ever find. worst worst ever. usually very hypocritical and self-righteous, the kind u wanna hit but cant if you're a guy.

Jana's being such a bitch's bitch (BB) today..u so wanna DT her!

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The bitches

Bitch the bitch is a phrase where you be a bigger cunt or "bitch" the someone who is being a "bitch" to you

Bitch says to you "your a fat toadfish" and you say back to the bitch being more of a bitch and say "we'll your a fat eel"

Bitch the bitch

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The bitches

A phrase to describe a girl when she's doing what girls do, such as fucking with a guy's head.

Person 1: This bitch keeps talking to me, but I have no clue what she means.

Person 2: That happened to me too! Bitches Be Bitches!

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The bitches

This saying does not have a specific deffinition but can be used whenever a bitch is bein a bitch. if shes doin somethin that pisses u off confuses u or just annoys the fuck out of u it works.

Mike- This bitch is fuckin playin games bro.

Danny- Bitches piss me off dawg but fuckit. Bitches is bitches is bitches

Mike- FUCK ya

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