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What is the best ever?

This is the guy that will make your heart stop, make your eyes shine, shower you with kisses and always stand up for you. Never let this guy go. Ever.

I love my boyfriend, he is the Best Boyfriend ever.

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the best ever - video

The best ever - what is it?

The best girlfriend ever isn’t just your ordinary girl, she’s amazing but has one key feature, her name is Liv! She’s the best and you can always rely on her to make you smile and laugh in the worst situations!

β€œWho’s the best girlfriend ever”

β€œIt’s liv of corse!”

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What does "the best ever" mean?

Best Guy Ever is the owner of Best Guy Ever has a weird obsession with utilitarianism and is also an objectivist. Best Guy Ever slings mad puss.

Best Guy Ever sure loves dick.

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The best ever - what does it mean?

A video that is utterly hilarious yet very saddening as it is of a elderly man who cries like a drowning chewbacca. It is from a show that originally aired on A&E called Intervention.

Guy : Did you see the best cry ever
Girl:Yeah I almost shit my pants watching that!
Guy:you are a heartless bitch! Yeah i did too.

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The best ever - meaning

The Easter of 2004, whereon several miracles took place. The exact cause of these miracles is unknown, but attributed to the greatness of that important day, to which few still pay annual tribute.

Jonas: Remember the Best Easter Ever?

Tim: We must pay tribute to that great day.

Mark: It truly was...the Best Easter Ever!

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The best ever - definition

The most hilarious show ever created where comedians and funny people from the internet talk about things that happened during the week. Can be seen on the weekends on VH1.

I heard that joke about the Olsen Twins on Best Week Ever.

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The best ever - slang

someone that you share your love of life, makes you feel like you belong although your world around was chaos. Someone that you can laugh with despite the dire circumstances.

Hora and Romulus in book/movie Romulus my Father. This is an example of best friend ever.

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The best ever

The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time

The best game ever is, hands down, Zelda - Ocarina of Time

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The best ever

When you and your significant other make sweet love. You do unthinkable things to each other and some things you don't want to do ever again. Anal, deep throat, eat pubes, hardcore penetration, use toys, play with the tits she doesn't have, spank the ass that she also doesn't have, cum all over the place and make the man suck his own dick. After all this you get the Best Halloween Ever.

"It was the Best Haloween Ever last night you have no idea."

"He made me cry last night yet he calls it the Best Halloween Ever. I'm so gonna dump him."

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The best ever

The most true and stripped down raw level of perfection achievable, in any situation attainable. Can be achieved by the satisfaction of contentment in a particular moment.

EX: That relationship is "the best ever". Or..... Wasn't that concert "the best ever"?

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