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What is the album?

When most or every song from an album chart simultaneously. Usually due to streaming. Disrupting the billboard hot 100 for a week or two.

"Drake has screwed with the system. Using featured verses and album bombs. To break the record for the most hot 100 hits."

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The album - what is it?

(n.) A collection of songs written around one central theme or idea. Usually, each individual track expresses a different aspect or part of the main concept, with each track fitting together to form a cohesive idea.

This would not include something like a greatest hits album, with the central theme being best selling songs.

Queens of the Stone Age 2002 release "Songs for the Deaf" is a concept album around the theme of the album being played on the radio, with intro by different made-up DJ's, etc.

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What does "the album" mean?

When a band releases an album where there's only a couple good songs, and they need more to make a whole album, so they make crappy songs knowing they aren't that great just to complete the CD since you need at least around 8 songs for a good CD.

The Shins' new album "Wincing the Night Away" has only a few great songs on it, and around 15 tunes in total, so they make a bunch of album fillers in order to make it a full-length album

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The album - what does it mean?

(Offensive Term)Refers to Pregnancy/Birth

That girl just released an Album.

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The album - meaning

This word originates from an poorly made video by 'Sam & Kate' in which a person is decapitated when an oversized CD (not a record) is thrown at him Frisbee style.

Verb: to maim/kill someone with an unconventional weopon or through stupid activity.

Adjective: Dangerous, pointless, and requiring massive mental instability.

Verb: "I albummed him good with a bannana."

Adjective: "That guy is so album! He wants to take over the world with a soup spoon!"

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The album - definition

A person who is in a relationship

The opposite of single

A:"hey remember that girl who kept flirting with me last night? Turns out she was album after all."

B:"What? I thought for sure she was single!"

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The album - slang

To listen to a musical album from beginning to end in order and in one sitting

He was albuming the new Mayday Parade CD.

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The album

An antiquated means of distributing music tracks and other audio content, made popular during an era when vinyl discs were used to transport audio recordings. A vinyl disc called a "record" would contain a contiguous set of music from the same or related artists, often composing an overarching theme across multiple, ordered tracks. Later, this medium was replaced by cassette tape and compact disc.

The term has come to describe the release of multiple tracks from the same artist at once, without necessarily a unifying theme or order, and is often merely used to indicate a price discount for a bulk purchase of such audio tracks in digital format.

DMX released a new album this week, which is only 50 cent more expensive than his new single.

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The album

Album purist; someone who listens to entire albums instead of just a few songs here and there. Person who follows albumism. Also albumist. Opposite of songer or songist.

Pink Floyd probably wouldn't be enjoyed as much by anybody but an albumer

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The album

- the first full-album of the south korean girl-group BLACKPINK. The album that saved 2020.

Oh! The Album? Sounds like album of the year.

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