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What is the accident?

An unintended mistake of some kind.

(a) Befouling oneself with something vile (see shart for examples).
(b) Getting caught doing something stupid at work that results in a drug screening.

At the urinalysis drug testing facility:
Nurse: Did we have a little accident?
Patient: Accident? *looks down at self with bewilderment*
Nurse: Oh, you must be here for pre-employment screening then.

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the accident - video

The accident - what is it?

something that can happen after sex. Usally happens when the condom rips.

My kid is an accident.

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What does "the accident" mean?

1. How you would type accidentally quick, especially in texting.
2. A common spelling error of accidentally

I think I spelled accidentally spelled accidentally as accidently

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The accident - what does it mean?

a social outing between two acquaintances or friends that, unbeknownst to one or both parties, is actually a date.

"I thought that we were just going to talk business when I agreed to meet Paul for coffee, but then he put his hand on my arm and told me I was beautiful and I realised that I was on an accidate.'

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The accident - meaning

Something that happens with out intent.

Kids in the front seat cause accidents. Accidents in the back see cause kids.

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The accident - definition

The act of getting into an accident

"Mary, did you see those two cars accidenting?"

"Yes, I saw the whole thing!"
"Wonderful, the baby is Accidenting in his brand new pants!"

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The accident - slang

n. A commonly used excuse with the intention of averting responsibility.

Person 1: "I saw your hand down there and heard some noise, I call bullshit!"
Person 666: "It was merely an accident."
Person 1: "Oh, spare me your rhetoric, you know that your hand and arm didn't just magically spasm near my girlfriend's ass."

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The accident

An event; when one urinates or fecalizes prematurely to reaching an established restroom facility, typically staining one's clothes and causing much embarassment.

Typically, having shat oneself.

Billy: "Teacher! Clyde shit himself on the swing!"
Teacher: "No, no, Billy! Clyde had an 'accident'..."
Billy: "Nawp. He shat himself and flew right off that sumbitch!"

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The accident

The improper usage of the phrase "by accident". Started in the United States, but it has started to spread to other countries like a plague. A terrible, terrible, grammar plague.

Cleetus: "Hey Maude, this 'ere critter dang near made me spill mah beer on accident."

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The accident

Me and you probably

"I'm a accident and i'm proud"

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