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What is the Mayor?

A male cheerleader.

Haha! Look at the Mayor! What a dork!

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the Mayor - video

The Mayor - what is it?

People use "the mayor" instead of "cool" or "rocks". My friends brother started saying it, and now lots of people have started using that expression. The opposite of "the mayor" would be "the janitor" which we use also.

"That party last night was the mayor!" ex for "the janitor"...."school is the janitor."

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What does "the Mayor" mean?

William Mayoral's last name, monkey looking being who spends his time caved in his room till this day reading definitions on

My last name is Mayoral...

Man that Mayoral person has no life.

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The Mayor - what does it mean?

MAYOR which is an acrinem for "mosh at you own risk" is common among metalcore/deathcore concerts. It maybe posted somewhere as meaning "if you are hurt while 'moshing' we are not held responsalbe". It is a very new term amongst people and probably will never catch on.

badass 1: Hey do you see that sign it says MAYOR, hahaha
badass 2: Whats mayor?
badass 1:You know "mosh at your own risk"
badass2: Ohh very clever

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The Mayor - meaning

to drink in public places, cause havoc, conquer new land, take your little brother to the dentist, drive honda civics, steal keg beer, call girls hussies, and other things that rockstars would do

Kyle spent the whole day mayoring, first he did a power hour then started to cause a ruckus at a party when the commoners did not aknowedgle his jurisdiction. Apparently everyone was a bunch of hussies and needed to "fuck off".

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The Mayor - definition

A friend who is way too much of a social butterfly--knows a lot of peeps and is constantly stopping for quick heart-to-hearts with everyone they run into (this is annoying when you want their complete attention or you are trying to get somewhere on time)

Yo, who are you, the fucking mayor?

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The Mayor - slang

a person that is very popular.

Dude! The girls are all over you. When did you become the mayor?

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The Mayor

Someone who seems to know everyone wherever they go and is always shaking hands. A person of great popularity, but in a genuine way. Enjoys the company of, and well received by others. Floats among many cliques.

Nickname for someone of the above description.

"Here comes the Mayor."

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The Mayor

one who everyone in the hood turns to when the have a problem, issue, concern, what have you
the mayor usually is smart, and/or has some connections that he can use to help people

the cops been ridin' my ass lately, i think i'ma call the mayor get political on they ass

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The Mayor

Nick-name for Fred Hoiberg of the Minnesota Timberwolves

The Mayor is just unstoppable from the 3-point line

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