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What is the Master?

The art of familiarizing the processes of mastering while mastering the familiar topic

What do we do to improve our teaching? We masterize the lesson plan.

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The Master - what is it?

The polite way to refer to rubbing one out.

I walked in and Ryan was mastering on the couch.

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What does "the Master" mean?

To be the master of masters, or become the best you can be at something.

Dang, his dance moves are so masterous.

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The Master - what does it mean?

Mainly used in context of master/slave relationship where Master is dominant in every way - especially in bed.

Master will often use pain as a method of control, torture and/or pleasure depending on his slave. This pain can be physical, mental or emotional and can be so intense it takes his slave to subspace.

Master knows everything about his slave and is capable of controlling her thoughts, actions and feelings - this is how much he is capable of owning her.

Master holds both position of God and Devil simultaneously to his slave. He is capable of filling his slave with so much happiness and so much pain at the same time it cannot be explained. He is always with her and is so in-tune with her, he can communicate using CDMA

There can only be one Master in a slaves life. A master can however have more than one woman in his life - this is a very effective method of torture for his slave and does not mean he loves her any less, nor does it mean he no longer wants his slave. It means he has a need she cannot meet.

Master makes the rules and he will punish his slave accordingly if she breaks them. He will reward good behaviour accordingly.

The man i can never thank enough for everything he has given me so far.

My master will beat me if i dont wash the pots properly

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The Master - meaning

Best of the best. Can not be topped.

Yamaris' masterful DJ'ing skills threw the party into a craze.

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The Master - definition

The dominant, in control male person in a BDSM relationship. Mainly used in context of Master/slave relationship where He is dominant in every way, and not only Masters His property/slave, but His own emotions, reactions, and actions, and has confidently mastered His fetishes, toys, and tools that are used in and during BDSM play.

Master is always right... lol

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The Master - slang

Mastered is a term used in the music and audio industries. It is usually a song that is in or at its final stage before mass production or sells.

A mastered song is a single stereo track that has been finalized by a mastering engineer who uses his skills, technique and gear to bring the life out of a mix. Fatten it up, making it full and thick at the same time bringing out certain parts in the mix. example - vocals.

hey be sure the mix has at least 3dB of headroom before we send it out to get mastered. He will bitch if has no headroom to work with

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The Master

The dominant person in a D/s or BDSM relationship. Also refered to as the Top, Dom, Domme.

Riprap is serenity's Master, whom she loves and obeys without question.

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The Master

1. The Master is the Doctor's worst enemy.
2. Fans like to pretend that they were boyfriends. The network does not discourage it.
3. He's pretty fucking awesome.

"I'm voting Saxon; he can tick my box any day."
-He sure can.

"The drum beat... the drums are coming closer... and closer."
-The Master

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The Master

A major villain in the Doctor Who universe.

Also: The Doctor's space boyfriend.

The Master (in the TV Movie): "I want the Doctor's body."

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