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What is that look?

When you are so shit at your job and too lazy to fucking work, simply reply to your work colleagues that you will β€˜look into it’ when in reality you will do fuck all about it

Yo Simon, I asked you to fix that fucking door. Now it has fell off and squashed a child. What the duck you gonna do about it

Hey man, quit sweating. I’ll look into it

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that look - video

That look - what is it?

A look 2 or more friends give each other mainly with their eyes, to communicate something obvious. The look is used when wanting to communicate something but not being able to verbally say anything.

An extremely attractive female gets on the train and sits close by two teen male friends as one of them gives the other the look.

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What does "that look" mean?

When a person of any gender gives someone a look that says 'I want you to fuck me'

Jill : did you see that horny bastard?
Jane : yeah I know. He gave you the look

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That look - what does it mean?

A look that changes you, specifically one a person gives to you, not a fashion. You try to speak to others of it but it confuses them. Is usually positive.

"I gave him a present and he gave me that look."
"What look?"
"You know... That look."

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That look - meaning

A maneuver done by tilting your head to your left or right, tucking in your chin, and using direct eye contact with a person (or audience) in front of you . . . or maybe even the camera! Invented by actor, comedian, and YouTube sensation Vic DiBitetto. Quotation marks frequently used for the phrase in text.

Vic DiBitetto: HANG IN THERE FOLKS, BECAUSE THE BEST . . . IS YET TO COME!!!!!! Now get ready β€” we’re gonna do β€œthe look”. Get it right! Tilt this way, to your right, tuck in, focus camera. 1! 2! 3! (gives β€œthe look”)

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That look - definition

The look a man or a woman gives to someone they are interested in, indicating their interest.

Carlos: Dude that girl is totally giving me the look
Matias: What girl?
Carlos: Sarah
Ravi: Dude bark at her, you could soo hit that

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That look - slang

A fashionable outfit or component of an outfit deserving praise

That fanny pack is a look
Yes sweetie, it’s a look!!!

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That look

A term used in online hookup sights to ask or state that you are looking for a hookup β€˜right now’

β€œYou looking?” β€œYa you wanna come over for a hookup?”

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That look

When Eddie Bravo's (Joe Rogan friend and also appearing in his podcasts) advising you to "look into it", you know sh*t just got real! Don't believe me? Look into it.

Is the Earth flat? I don't know!.. but did you know that NASA was founded by former Nazi's? Look into it...

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That look

To feel deep affection for someone; synonym for love.

I look you to the moon and back.

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