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What is tanning bed?

Noun: Sketchy, aggressive, pompous, peacocky male typically found making loud, angry noises and clinking weights together at local fitness centers. Recognizable by their deep, artificial tan and circa 1987 style fitness wear (i.e. cutoff sweatshirts and stars and stripes workout pants)
To imply that this is not someone to be trusted in the tight quarters of a tanning salon, because he may be a rapist.

"Did the Tanning Bed Tickle Monster just take off his shirt for a few sets?? Yep, that just happened.."
"I bet his Wednesday workout is tanning and tickling"
"We haven't seen the Tanning Bed Tickle Monster in a while.. bet he is trying to post bail at the Jersey shore lockup..."

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tanning bed - video

Tanning bed - what is it?

Your partner lays down on their stomach as you cum buckets all down the back of their head to make it seem like they have white dreadlocks.

My girlfriend was out in our backyard tanning and i suddenly snuck up on her and gave a good ol' jamaican tanning bed.

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What does "tanning bed" mean?

Tanning Bed Skin is the result of girls who get in the tanning bed far too much. The result is leathery, slightly orange, dry skin.

The problem could be avoided if girls would just learn to be comfortable in their own skin.

After laying in the tanning bed for 40 minutes 3 times a week for a total of 5 months, Bailey had total Tanning Bed Skin.

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Tanning bed - what does it mean?

something pale white girls try to use to get darker because they think they look sexy when in reality they're ugly and it just makes them orange and cancer... sucks.

Whoa did you see her? She's orange and looks like a cheesecurl because she went to tanning beds. SO UGLY!

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Tanning bed - meaning

Tanning Beds give off mainly ultraviolet radiation, that people use to darken their skin AKA give themselves tans. And most likely Skin Cancer in the future.

A new analysis of about 20 studies concludes the risk of skin cancer jumps by 75 percent when people start using tanning beds before age 30.

Experts also found that all types of ultraviolet radiation caused worrying mutations in mice, proof the radiation is carcinogenic. Previously, only one type of ultraviolet radiation was thought to be lethal.

The new classification means tanning beds and ultraviolet radiation are definite causes of cancer, alongside tobacco, the hepatitis B virus and chimney sweeping, among others.

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Tanning bed - definition

A great way to get dark. Just get into a nice capsule and come out dark. This process can take 8-30 minutes.

I need a tan for homecoming..Im going to the tanning salon

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Tanning bed - slang

A heated bed you lie in for long time, to create a tan exactly similar to a real one. Although more dangerous, most people choose this route because it doesn't wipe off or make you look orange.

I had to lie in a tanning bed for 20 minutes.

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Tanning bed

A box you lay down in that helps you get wrinkles faster.

I can't wait to lie down inside the tanning bed.

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Tanning bed

cancer in a box

wow, I can't wait to go lay in the tanning bed and burn a layer of my skin off :D

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Tanning bed

A bed/booth you lay/stand in. It has ultraviolet bulbs that emit UV very much similar to the sun. It will give you a tan very much like the sun does. There is a possibility skin cancer can be acquired from using one of these devices.

Damn she's tan, she must be using the tanning bed again

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