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What is take away?

Antonym of bring to the table, as in somebody who's existence is beneficial to society, as opposed to someone who drains the communal lifeforce from the world.

serial killer/pederast/shitty president> That guy right there, he's such a douchebag, he actually takes away from the table.

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take away - video

Take away - what is it?

Imperative expression used to mean "go for it!", "get started!", "it's yours now, run with it!".

Used frequently in TV shows in front of a live audience when ceding center stage to a guest performer/contestant (impromptu or not).

from pulp fiction
host:-Ladies and Gentlemen, the moment you've all been waiting for... The world famous Jack Rabbit Slim's Twist Contest!
Now let's meet our first contestants here this evening...
Young lady what's your name?
uma:-Mrs. Mia Wallace
host:-And how about your fella here?
john:-Vincent Vega !
host:-Alright, let's see what you can do... take it away!!

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What does "take away" mean?

sarcastic response when someone warns you not to do something that is considered socially unacceptable

'You really shouldn't drop stink bombs in the class room the same day of finals.'

'What are they going to do? Take away my birthday?'

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Take away - what does it mean?

An impromptu concert performed usually while walking down a street. Usually performed in France, always performed by an indie band. If it's a true take away show, it will involve some obscure instruments.

Did you see the Bowerbirds' Take Away Show on youtube? My band is doing that over fall break, but with a glockenspiel instead of an accordian.

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Take away - meaning

Basically, if you want to say that you've eaten out a girl, instead you can say that you went for a take-away (ie. you ate out)

Alternatively you can use the phrase socks

So...Andy...What did you get up to?
I went for a take-away!
Whoa whoa whoa sweet child o'mine!

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Take away - definition

(v.) An action describing a romantically interested person that decides to stop talking too or seemingly ignore the other person in an attempt to stimulate some sort of positive emotional response.

The Ignored: "I don't know man, i just can't stop thinking about her."
Friend: "Dude, you didn't care about her at all a couple days ago."
The Ignored: "I know man, but she pulled the take-away on me."

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Take away - slang

Used to refer to a person who is picked up at a party or other social gathering purely for sex.

John:Did you hear? Becky was a take away at last night's party.
Kevin:Oh please. She's a take away at every party.

Mike:So are you going to the concert tonight?
Peter:Hell yeah! I'm hoping to bag a take away too.

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Take away

An item taken from a person's home, car, or any other personal space to be later used as an excuse to see said aforementioned person.

Girl 1 "Dude why are you wearing Kevin's hat?"

Girl 2 "I stole it because I want to see him again later. It's my take-away. Duh."

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Take away

What you can take from a situation or a presentation, in terms of understandings, insights etc

From the profit graph I can take away the fact that the RIF (reduction in force) was brilliant!

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Take away

Another way of saying take-out.

Guy: "Im kinda hungry, wanna get some take away?"

Girl: "Sure, How bout Chinese?"

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