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What is take a picture?

Used to indicate that the speaker resents being stared at while needing privacy,in general.

"Take a picture and it'll last longer!" pantsless 3-year-old Patrick's expression seemed to say,as his cousin Michael stared at him.

"Take a picture and it'll last longer!" pantsless 8-year-old Jamie protested,while everybody stared at him after he got depanted by the turtle and rabbit.

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Take a picture - what is it?

What you say to someone who's over~staring at you.

Patti always told the gawkers, take a picture, it'll last longer!

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What does "take a picture" mean?

The time when you wake up and look like dog shit. After a night of too much partying or directly after vomiting after to many drink.

Aye dude, put that camera down cuz' I'm not not-very-take-a-picture-able right now!

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Take a picture - what does it mean?

Phrase used by asians to command someone to take a piture.

As the chink caught sight of the monument, he exclaimed to his zipperhead friend "take picture!".

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Take a picture - meaning

A phrase people say when someone creeping stares way too hard at a person or an object.

Girl: "Damn, why is he staring so fucking creepy at me?"
Girl's friend: "Take A Picture, It Lasts Longer!"
Girl: "Freak!"

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Take a picture - definition

To shot someone. Not necessarily leading to death.

Yo i got some problems i need you to take this mans picture.

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Take a picture - slang

To kill, murder, assassinate, someone.

I got 25 cent for you to take his picture.

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Take a picture

When a hot female intentionally sits on a chair with her legs spread very wide to cause her target to stare with a shit-eating grin.

Look out now Fats, that fox in the short skirt is taking your picture.

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Take a picture

1. A guy that's way too fast having sex, a premature ejaculator.

2. Something you say to a girl after having unsatisfying sex, often adding 'It'll last longer.'

This works on so many levels, the receiver of the insult will probably not even know it's an insult!

We call our friend Chris 'Take a Picture'. Because we heard after he has sex, the girl wants to 'Take a Picture... It'll last longer.

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Take a picture

Trying to make to vying male primates friends again after consistently cucking one.

She was taking the picture.

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