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What is tag?

Street term for price tag.

what's the tag on that zip?

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tag - meme gif

tag meme gif

tag - video

Tag - what is it?

The name of a logo or signature used in grafiiti. Each unique to the artist, it can be written in bubble or line.

"I thought of a wicked new tag!"

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What does "tag" mean?

The act of having sex. Usage is the same as fuck.

Would you tag that?

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Tag - what does it mean?

A sequence of characters used in XHTML and CSS to provide information to the browser, such as text formatting.

are, respectively, the opening and closing bold tags. This tells the browser to make the enclosed text heavier than normal.

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Tag - meaning

where the boy inserts his penis into the vagina, basically, have sex.

"I'd tag Sheila before she even touched ma cock"

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Tag - definition

A writer's unique signature with ink or a spraypaint can.

I tagged on every wall I had the chance to.

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Tag - slang

A popular game played by children where one child, who is the tagger or is It attempts to touch another child, making them It, also called it.

Johnny: Hey Billy, lets play tag
Billy: OK, you're It!

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A type of person who always invites themselves to an event or place, this person is also a pain in the arse. (also known as tagging)

"here he/she comes, tagging again"
"here he comes to tag... AGAIN"

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Tag; a personal signature, usually vandalism with spraypaint, but can be any graffitti.

Tag's can take seconds, or can use multiple colors. Two color tags are usually throw ups, may consist of block or bubble lettering.

bombs Are usually tri color, while piecingpiecepieces are always of the upper most complexit. Very large, good use of colors, where they will seem to blend together, or bleed, and burn.

Getup man, we're going tagging tonite.

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Verb. To link a person to a picture or video on a social network.

"Should I tag you in this picture after I upload it on Facebook?"

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